3 Best Avast Alternatives

Hello there! Are you scramming the internet to look for the best alternatives for Avast for online security? Stay right there. I got you covered.

I know what you’re probably asking yourself. What can a good alternative be? After all, sometimes you need to change it up. Maybe for better security, better features or better price.

Regardless, I have in store some of the best alternatives. I brought them forward especially so you can lay back and relax. Your journey to an alternative to Avast should be calm and peaceful.

Trust me, you’ll want to hear what I have to say. Especially the last bit where I discuss features! Before that, let’s do some searching on antiviruses.

Why is the Avast Alternative Needed?

Now, Avast is a very common name in the antivirus world. But why do we need an alternative to it? Why is it so? Is it bad? Hmm. Tough questions.

After all, isn’t anti virus just supposed to do the job of tackling bad viruses on your computer? Let us have a good look at Avast.

Some of the features on Avast is actually not that great. Let me tell you which ones. Firstly, it may slow down your computer when a full scan is going on. Then, reports could be well managed. But Avast doesn’t seem to show well managed reports.

And there’s more. It’s not entirely free. There’s some hefty payment you need to do. And they also seem to have a mind of their own. Such as, Avast can randomly start doing scans out of the blue. Making your work get interrupted.

They also have a pretty annoying voice that runs in the background when they run a scan. Some complain it’s very loud and a pet peeve to hear.

So, does that answer your question? Some alternatives to Avast is a good thing to know. Maybe they’ll suit you better than Avast, but regardless. I think Avast is a good antivirus for the most part.

3 Best Avast Alternatives

01# Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is an alternative which has been in the market for a while. It has free versions and also premium ones. The free versions does not give you the full experience. But premium ones bags you a lot more added features which you will love.

They have a scanning option which has 3 different levels. Threat Scan, Custom Scan and Hyper Scan. About 99% sample threats have been tackled by the company. That’s a great statistics to have. The scans are very fast on the premium software.

They’re good at removing malware manifestations. Anything else we need from this alternative to Avast?


  • Cleans infected devices.
  • Shields vulnerable systems.
  • Warning tools.
  • Centralized threat reporting.
  • Prevention tools.
  • Stops ransomware attacks.


The price point for this antivirus is pretty standard. It is $39.99/ year, applicable for up to 3 devices. That’s a good deal for products like this on the market.

Avast vs Malwarebytes

Now, the reason you should go for Malwarebytes is that it does not have that voice feature of Avast. And it has a ransomware protection feature which Avast does not have. Moreover, you get a good range of features that Avast is not bringing to the table. Most users of Malwarebytes go beyond their one year purchase. Their rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars!

02# Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is another household name in the antivirus selling companies. They provide some great quality features.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is known as a winner. Because it earned the top or nearly top score in every test by every lab. They have near-perfect scores from four independent testing labs, so that says a lot!

They also have great scores in PC Mag’s phishing protection test. Good scores in their malware-blocking and malicious URL blocking tests is also what they have. This all makes Kaspersky a good alternative to Avast.

Kaspersky has a smooth operating software, it makes scanning very easy and fast. Most of the scans are good at detecting pretty much all threats at one go. That’s something you may not get with other antiviruses!


  • Data protection
  • Data backup
  • Web policies
  • Password managing
  • Full scans


The price point for them is very good! It’s only $29.99 for 1 year for new customers (3 devices) and $59.99 for 1 year regular customers. That’s a real saver!

So many amazing features and over that, new customers get it at a discounted price.

Avast vs Kaspersky

Kaspersky has some brilliant features. That is off the bat. But what Avast has seems very mediocre to Kaspersky. After all, labs are testing Kaspersky to be quite a household name. Avast needs to step their game up in order to compete! Kaspersky also has a very good rating of more than 4.5 stars out of 5 stars!

03# Norton 360 Security

Norton 360 Security has been a favourite for many. The range of features they have in store are really amazing. Norton 360 is quite exceptional.

Because it guarantees you against 100% protection from malware, spyware, phishing threats, digital surveillance, and identity theft. They do this without those annoying push notifications or impacting device performance much.

That’s a lot to ask for! They have 5 core security features which make them stand of the crowd. As an Avast alternative, they have a promising quality.


  • Device Security.
  • Cloud Backup.
  • Secure VPN.
  • Password Manager.
  • Parental Control (360 Deluxe and 360 Premium only).


The price point for them is actually not that great, but their services are good to makeup for the high price.

Their Standard package is $84.99 (1 device), while their Deluxe is $94.99 (3 devices). And theNorton Security Premium is $124.99 (5 devices)

I know, it sounds like a hefty price. But you’re paying for a lot more than just security!

Avast vs Norton 360 Security

Avast is a top contender for most. However, Norton 360 Security is bringing a lot to the table. And with that, it promises to bring you a safer PC usage and internet experience. With parental control and other amazing features. It has a 4.0 out of 5 stars, which is probably due to the pricing factor. Aside that, Avast has a lot to catch up on!

Why Do You Need an Antivirus?

Good question! When we use computers, many things happen. The most alarming this that happens is the computer gets affected by viruses to slow it down and cause it to get damaged over time.

These things slow down the computer or aim at damaging them. These attacks from viruses and third party computer worms need to be tackled. Or else your computer can suffer in terms of functions! Therefore, antivirus is an amazing way to make sure your computer is safe.

Some of the best antiviruses are household names, such as Kaspersky, Avast, Norton Security, Firewall and more. They help you to run your computer as smoothly as possible and scans for any threats. Then it helps fight those out!

Is It a Good Deal to Buy Antivirus?

Alright. I’ll disclose what their pricing is. Antiviruses aren’t always cheap. Because you are essentially buying a service. A service to help your computer run better.

The pricing of Avast for 2020 is $ 39.99 for a year. It’s not half as bad. But also keep in mind they have their cons. Paying for their services, you are buying those bad features too.

Whereas, basic Antivirus companies sell their products on a much lower scheme per device. You do pay for antivirus because they do a core job at protecting your PC. But make sure what you’re paying for is a good antivirus!

Sounds like something you’d want? And not spend so much money every year on antivirus? I have the perfect ones lined up for you. The 3 antiviruses I recommend are great alternatives to Avast.

Stay tuned to get the best deals! Promise you they’ll be worth it.

What Happens to Computers without Antivirus?

There is a range of things that happen if your computer is without antivirus. Let me get started on the basic ones. They act as a ‘policeman’ from external threats to your computer. Without an antivirus, there is no policeman. You’re left without security!

So without an antivirus, you might fall prey to really nasty threats. These may destroy parts of your PC. They also may send you various warnings all the time that your PC is running slow, or getting damaged.

Who wants to deal with that? And also, without an antivirus you are basically working all your battles for you. They can automatically keep scanning threats for you. So your PC is not harmed and neither do you manually have to turn the scanner on all the time.

Without an antivirus, threats like Ransomware is not tackled with. This can be very damaging for businesses who have sensitive and important data. They can be stolen or tampered with if left without an antivirus! Imagine that! An antivirus also protects against phishing, possible hacking, email protection, sensitive content.

It also enables an improved online experience! You’ll see without an antivirus, sites can run super slow. You can save time and make most out of your PC once you get an antivirus installed.

So, the final question is- does your computer suffer without an antivirus? Yes! It can be damaged, impacted, unsafe, slow and so much more. Which an antivirus fixes the minute you start using it.


There you have it! 3 best alternatives to Avast antivirus. They combine all the magnificent features of an antivirus with more features than Avast.

I know they are good and reliable. I’ve stated the run down on them so you are left with a safe and great experience with your PC.

I gave you a good idea about which ones are popular and which ones are great for you. They have range of benefits and you’re always protected! That’s a feature you are paying for.

Even though good antiviruses are not cheap, we have to see the bright side. They are helping you with your PC, whether you’re in business, or use for personal use.

After all, you shouldn’t fret with finding the right antiviruses on the market. This review was made so you have that peace of mind!

I hope this list makes your search easier. Happy shopping!

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