3 Best Doodly Alternatives

Do you want your videos to be interesting, fun and eye-catching?

I am sure the answer is yes. From professional to hobbies or personal interests, many of us like to create doodles, videos or animations.

But sometimes to create more professional videos, we either fail to perfect them or have to pay a hefty amount for someone else to make it.

However, if you keep reading, I will tell you all about Doodly- a drag and drop doodle video creator and 3 Best Doodly alternatives for your benefit!

What is Doodly?

Doodly is basically a drag and drop animation software that helps you make engaging and creative doodle videos professional enough to be used for business purposes. It is founded by Brad Callen and Jimmy Kim, and is brought to us by Bryxen.

Even without prior technical knowledge, one can make videos within minutes on Doodly.

Doodly offers unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard and also glassboard doodle videos. All you have to do is pick a doodle image, click and drag to your chosen doodle canvas and let Doodly draw the image for you. You will not have to break a sweat!

You can also use your images for Doodly. Draw the uploaded image using its Doodly Smart Draw Technology!

Enjoy multiple hand types of different ethnicities, add your voice or a professional voiceover, and use the software on multiple computers.

You have the option to either choose the Standard plan for $20/month, or the Enterprise plan for $40/month!

Even though it all sounds great, it can have certain limitations for some users. Like, it does not offer a free trial, but follows a 30 day money back guaranteed system. Which is why you may be looking for Doodly alternatives.

I got you! I have 3 best Doodly alternatives for you with in-depth details!

3 Best Doodly Alternatives (Free & Paid)

01# Animaker

Animaker is a platform to create animation, GIFs and live action videos that anyone can use- be it amateurs, non-designers or even professionals. It started its journey in 2014, and is based in the United States. From entrepreneurs to content marketers and storytellers- everyone can use it for all purposes!

To this date, Animaker has had 7 million users worldwide. It is trusted even by brands like Amazon, Bosch, HP, Unilever, Philips and more! It has helped create over 10 million videos.

All sounds great, but let us take a look at its features!


  • Super Powerful Character Builder
  • Extensive Character Features and Auto Lip Sync
  • Over 100 Million Stock Photos & Videos
  • 1000+ Templates
  • 4K Video & Instant Resizing
  • Powerful HTML5 Engine


You can enjoy a free trial! The Basic and Starter services would be $20 and $35 per month respectively. The pro service would be $79 a month, and you can also take the Enterprise service with custom pricing!

Animaker vs Doodly

The first point where Animaker tops Doodly is that it offers free trials- Doodly does not. Users also claim that Animaker is much more user friendly than Doodly.

However Animaker finally takes the cake for its advanced and additional features over Doodly. So it definitely is a great Doodly alternative. It is rated 4/5 stars on G2!

02# Videoscribe

Another alternative to Doodly on our list is Videoscribe! It is a software that helps you automatically generate whiteboard animations. Launched in 2012 by Sparkol, it gained over 250,000 users in 135 different countries by April 2014.

Videoscribe is acclaimed for its ease of use, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Entities like BBC, World Bank Group, UBC and more use it. It currently has over 2 million users worldwide in 180+ countries. Great for marketers, educators and trainers!

It has the same drag and drop functionality and a host of great features! Wondering what they are? Let us take a look!


  • Cross Platform and Cloud Compatible
  • Premium Images
  • 1000+ Royalty Free Music Collection
  • Rich Image Library
  • Work Offline
  • Import Music and Fonts
  • Extensive Export Options


After your 7 day free trial is over, you have 3 different plans to choose from.

For single users, the Monthly Plan is $17.50 per month. Yearly Plan is $8 a month and the Quarterly Plan is $35 per month!

Videoscribe vs Doodly

Again, with Videoscribe you get a free trial unlike Doodly.

Videoscribe is also cheaper than Doodly with much more features.Videoscribe lets you upload and create your own hand styles, but with Doodly you have to pick from their selection.

Also, with Videoscribe you get colored images as standard. But for Doodly, you have to buy colored images with their Rainbow add-on. So you can assume, Videoscribe has more edge here! It is rated 8.8/10 on TrustRadius!

03# Powtoon

This really is a great Doodly alternative! Powtoon is a British company that offers cloud-based software to create animation, animated explainer videos and presentations. Fun fact- Powtoon is a blend of “PowerPoint and “Cartoon”!

This platform acts as a visual communication medium for creators to make professional level customized videos that will engage the right audience. As this is being written, about 86,059,009 Powtoons have been created!

Powtoon has a reputed clientele that includes CocaCola, ebay, Costco, Starbucks etc. From HR videos to marketing and educational ones- you can make it all!

I am sure you are already impressed. But let me give you some more details!


  • Huge Collection of templates, scenes, characters, etc.
  • User Friendly Drag & Drop Editor and Story Board
  • Offline Presentation
  • Screen Sharing
  • Easy and Efficient Content & Communication Management
  • Great Multimedia Support
  • Extensive Integrations


Of course you have a free trial!

Beyond that you can make either annual of month payments. The annual payment is a much cheaper option! That way, the Pro plan would cost $19/month and the Pro+ plan would be $59/month. Agency plan

would cost $99 a month. Worth the money!

Powtoon vs Doodly

Powtoon offers a fairly great free plan unlike Doodly.

Even though Powtoon seems expensive, most users claim it to be great value for money. They also say that presentations are much more interactive on Powtoon. And everyone loves Powtoon’s customer service over Doodly’s! It has 4.5/5 stars on GetApp!


Doodly is a great platform, but it has certain limitations. I tried my best to give you an in-depth analysis of 3 best Doodly alternatives.

I am very confident that comparing them you can find the best option for yourself. So ignite your creativity and create something new today!

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