5 Best GoToMyPC Alternatives

Have you moved to another country and left your computer home? Well, in today’s modern world, you shouldn’t worry about it. Technologies make our life so easier.

GoToMyPC is such an amazing app which offers people to access their computer throughout using a browser.

But GoToMyPC may seem costly to you. And I’ve found similar software’s is offering more features even at a lower rate.

Then why won’t you find a better one?

In this article, I’ve collected a list of remote access GoToMyPC alternative solutions, those that have the best user reviews and generally way better pertained to GoToMyPC.

This Article will assist you in choosing the perfect GoToMyPC alternative according to your preference.

What’s GoToMyPC?

As I have already mentioned earlier, GoToMyPC is a remote desktop software application that allows users to access their computers anywhere throughout a web browser. Using this remote access software, users can log in and connect to their host computers from any remote computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

This also provides great security while connected, and a user can perceive if another person tries to log in at the same time. You can print your necessary files from your computer as well.

Let’s move into the pricing of this software:

Free service is available. GoToMyPC’s package starts from $35 (Personal) to $140 per month (Corporate)

5 Best GoToMyPC Alternatives

I have sorted out a few GoToMYPC alternatives that you can get for free or at a much lower price and are very user friendly. Each of these top five lists can be very helpful for you:

01# TeamViewer

TeamViewer provides accessibility as a remote desktop tool, to the users to work from offsite, a remote location, or from home. It is also used as a VPN alternative for some users/systems.

Similar to GoToMyPC ,TeamViewer gives a speedy connection and bolsters numerous platforms like computers, phones, and iPhones.

Still, it does not expend much of the information association conjointly naturally interfaces when your information gets revived after the intrusion. TeamViewer is exceptionally simple to install and exceptionally simple to use as well.

You’ll be able to collaborate with your representatives and deliver them your esteemed recommendations in case of any troubleshooting, so it is good for their training.


  • You will have remote control remote computer access
  • There hardly happens lag in connection because of a good frame rate connectivity.
  • The recording quality is top-notch. You can record the meeting and share it with your desired audience.
  • You can transfer files without any interruption, and this will happen fast.
  • The option to save the session with an administrator password helps to improve security and user control.
  • If you work from PC to PC, you will get a good result while driving, there are some nice additional tools.
  • Also, there is no worry if your internet connection drops; the relationship will seamlessly reconnect.
  • Even if you’re new with TeamViewer, you will set up and use it smoothly.


TeamViewer offers you a free plan so you can use it for free. There is also a premium plan. For a single user, it starts from 24.54 dollars per month. You can also take the other plans, which cost from 46.35 to 100.88 dollars a month.

GoToMyPC vs TeamViewer

These two are similar and TeamViewer provides almost the same service like GoToMyPC . GoToMyPC, however, is suitable for individuals or companies needing safe access to their computers from anywhere.

On the other hand, TeamViewer provides PC remote control access and support management for small to large companies with multi-language support, secure connections, augmented reality, etc.

GoToMyPC sometimes takes longer than TeamViewer when it comes to sharing and transferring files.

TeamViewer has possessed great recording quality undoubtedly, whereas GoToMyPC faces some trouble for the resolution.

Many people use both software; they’re quite content about the outcome from these. There will always be pros and cons when it comes to technologies, no matter what.

02# AnyDesk

AnyDesk offers remote computer access to personal computers and other devices running the host program separately from the network. Any user can have access to file sharing, VPN functionality, remote control. It has become a backup plan for users.


  • You will get high security while sharing and transferring your important documents.
  • You will have an amazing experience even if you’re on the low internet connection
  • You can avail AnyDesk on your mobile phone, there’s an option for file sharing too.
  • Installation doesn’t require a huge space. You can easily quickly install it whenever you need it.
  • The screening quality is high.


Let us dive into the prices. The pricing starts at $10.99 per month as a lite user. It offers a free trial, however.

But you get a good price at $20.99 if you’re a professional. This is ideal for medium-sized businesses; you can have access to multiple devices at the same time.

There’s also an option for unlimited concurrent sessions, and it will cost you $52.49 per month.

The free trial helps you figure out whether you want this software or not. You’re paying for safety, access, and so many more good features.

GoToMyPC vs AnyDesk

Let us start with pricing. AnyDesk is a little more expensive if you look at the pricing I mentioned beforehand. We understand that AnyDesk is giving certain deals for its users.

The features are also super-efficient and smooth comparatively than GoToMyPC.

Also, AnyDesk seems to have a better rating overall than GoToMyPC. So, you can choose it as a GoToMyPC alternative. Most places, they secure 4.5 stars, which is a great score to have.

03# Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is the remote desktop software for secure access to workstations, servers, and laptops over a LAN and via the Internet. The most interesting part of this software is you can control your mouse and keyboard just like you’re in front of your PC.

There is also an option for remoting PC screens; by using Remote Utilities, you can easily provide services to your customers. Last but not least, this program is free for users.


  • Instant Remote Support.
  • Unattended Remote Access.
  • Screen Sharing, Session recording, Integrations.
  • File Management.
  • Monitoring and alerts.


The price points are affordable monthly but are a little on the higher side than others. It starts at $99.0 as a one-time payment for one user. However, Remote Utilities offers a free trial. You can check that version before buying it.

With the free trial of 15 days, you get to make up your mind about the software. That’s plenty of time to narrow down what you like and don’t. You can always cancel if you wish!

GoToMyPC vs Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities provides friendly user service, which is a big catch! Easy setup and navigation is a must for remote desktop software. Some important tools will help new users what the Remote Utility software does.

On the other hand, GoToMyPC has almost the same kind of features. But according to some unique features, Remote utility users prefer this software to GoToMyPC.

04# Splashtop

For most devices Splashtop is free. The iPad and iPhone versions charge a negligible fee. The Splashtop Personal is free on your local home network for personal use. It’s accessible via Chromebooks, both desktop computers and mobile devices.

On an individual’s desktop, Splashtop can easily remote-in and physically display them a task that is more useful than simply explaining the problem.


  • If you don’t have the capability to load the app, you can log in to the client via a website,which indicates multiple ways to connect.
  • Affordable for the users.
  • Fast connection to remote computers
  • Convenient manuals for new users so that they won’t face any trouble when they try to log in.
  • Even if your VPN is off, the connection will work seamlessly.


The pricing starts at $8.25 per month. It offers a free trial, which undoubtedly has the best features than the other leading remote software.
The free trial helps you figure out whether you want this software or not. You’re paying for safety, access, and so many more good features.

GoToMyPC vs Splashtop

Let us start with pricing. Splashtop is less expensive; they have a great price model for small groups as well as large ones. Whereas GoToMyPC gives certain deals in exchange for a lot more bucks. The features are also super-efficient and smooth on Splashtop.

As a user, you always want to pay less and desire great service in exchange. For instance, if you choose Splashtop as GoToMyPC alternative, you will save 85% overall a year. Although GoToMyPC seems to have a better rating than Splashtop. I would suggest you verify my words by using these two software’s.

Need Splashtop Alternative? Read this article.

05# LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a great service provider in this industry. They are popular for their excellent features and user friendly layout. With time, it has been becoming much popular among the people.

Users can also fix or repair their necessary documents, IT software by using LogMeIn.

You can manage PC, laptops, tablets, and phones effortlessly with their service.


  • Instant access, you can solve any software-based problems even when the end-user is absent.
  • LogMeIn provides multiple access methods according to your need and your desired clients.
  • Automatically reconnect, a reboot is the tremendous aspect.
  • You can share your file so easily. Fast file transfer is another remarkable feature.
  • LogMeIn allows you to run scripts in the background.


The price points are affordable monthly but are a little on the higher side than others. It starts at $9.95 per month on its pro version. They do not have a free version, though LogMeIn Pro gives a free trial. The official website of LogMeIn contains more details; you can check them before buying this software.

With the free trial of LogMeIn Pro, you get to make up your mind about the software. Noone will pressurize you to buy and use it!

GoToMyPC vs LogMeIn

Maybe, you don’t know that LogMeIn and GoToMyPC are both sheltered under the LogMeIn lineage of products. Both software provides remote desktop access, screen sharing, files/documents transfer.

In expansion to assembling a safe gateway between the consumer and the host computer, LogMeIn furnishes two additional safety layers.

On the opposite, firewalls are deployed in the mean to the servers and the affiliated host for GoToMyPC users. Apart from that, while visiting GoToMyPC’s website, you may need to download an optional cookie.

According to reviews from users, both software work seamlessly. Hence, it depends on the preferred software you are intended to use for your company or personal usage.

Why do you need an alternative for GoToMyPC?

That’s a valid question! Let’s get this straight:

Even though GoToMyPC is a great service, it is leading in the area of remote desktop access. Likewise, every software has some difficulties; the users are always looking forward to having great service within a lower price.

I have tried to portray five more alternatives for GoToMyPC along with pricing lists so that you can scrutinize the facilities they are going to provide. Day by day, technologies are improving, and customers are expecting more great features for their convenience.

If you are a global company, then you need to find out which software will give you the best service according to your need. It would also be best to give a trial before purchasing; some software provides free trials.

Most importantly, alternatives to GoToMyPC can give you access to free tools that will come in handy. So why not try?


I have been researching remote access software for the past few days, and I have come up to a point where users want seamless service with a lower purchase price. And the software needs to be updated day by day. Otherwise, users feel monotonous while working.

Apart from GoToMyPC, I can assure you that all these apps are far better because the GoToMyPC app still needs a lot of work. So it’s better to use a prominent GoToMyPC alternative for a good experience. You can give a try to the rest of the apps I have mentioned earlier.

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