5 Best Grammarly Alternatives

There’s a famous quote,

“The greater part of the world’s troubles is due to grammar questions.”

Yes, grammar mistakes are annoying and unacceptable. Today’s world, the best gift for writers, is a perfect tool to detect grammar, spell, style mistakes.

And in the tool list, Grammarly is obviously at the top. This app will discover all the grammar, spell, style mistakes with plagiarism checks. And they also offer a keyboard for android that will suggest grammar, period, and synonyms.

Many people consider Grammarly as the best tool for proofreading. Though it’s service is impressive, they are not the one size fits all solution. It has shortcomings as well. Also, The free service may not please you sometimes. There are other problems too.

Some top-notch Grammarly alternatives can beat your current solution. But before that, Let’s discuss the reason behind finding a replacement for Grammarly.

Why should you find a Grammarly Alternative?

Grammarly offers you the best suggestions to make your writing better, quick, and accessible. But it is not the alternative of a human proofreader.

Because artificial intelligence can’t feel paper, moreover, it’s service is sometimes not enough. Yet, some shortcomings can disappoint you. The reasons for choosing a Grammarly alternative are:

  • High Pricing: The pricing of Grammarly is high. The premium plan starts with $29.95/ month! Relative to many this is extraordinarily high. Moreover, a beginner might not be ready to spend that much money to check grammar. If you ask me if it’s worth so, my answer is “No, of course.”
  • Poor Free Service: Well, the open plan is not satisfactory at all. It will check some basic grammar and spelling mistakes. Other alternatives will give you much more for free.
  • Unnecessary Word Change: Grammarly suggests synonyms of the words. It can be useful for some beginners as well. But many writers complained about its optional name changing because the synonyms may not catch the life of the writing.
  • Wrong Suggestions: Sometimes, it will show a red mark, for no reason. It’s disgusting. So you cannot just blindly edit your writing. A writer must have to read the article twice after checking by Grammarly.
  • Not for creative writers: Well, this is the essential point, I guess. Suppose you are a creative writer and writing novel or poem, DON’T USE GRAMMARLY because its suggestions will completely ruin your writing style.

5 Best Grammarly Alternatives

I’ve chosen 5 tools that can be your best companion instead of grammarly. Let’s dive into the review, features, pricing and comparisons of the tools:

1# Prowritingaid

In my list, I’ve chosen it in the first position. Because ProWritingAid is a comprehensive solution at the lowest cost. It will improve your writing style as well as correct the mistakes. It will check your grammar, spelling, style, etc.

Not only that, it hands you an instant report with thoroughgoing details. You can find out your vocabulary strength, your style strength, your weakness, etc. So, it is not only an instant grammar check solution like Grammarly. But at the same time, an excellent exhibitor to enrich your knowledge of writing.

Moreover, its free version will offer you lots of features that Grammarly does not. If you ask me, what is a perfect Grammarly alternative? I would say it’s ProWritingAid.


Let’s see what features does it offers:

  • Grammar, spell, and style checking is its free feature. You can find out the mistakes and edit them.
  • Word explorer lets you find out the synonyms of the used words. That is much helpful in enriching the vocabulary.
  • It will detect the plagiarism in its premium version—so no need to buy another plagiarism checker in this case.
  • ProWritingAid publishes an in-depth report of your writing. This summary report will show you the key points that you need to improve. Also, it checks the readability.
  • Readability, clarity, and other points will be indicated in it. Even they offer it for free!
  • It is a perfect solution for students, professional writers, and even big companies.


Its Free Plan is available. It offers three premium plans—monthly, Yearly, Lifetime. The monthly subscription costs $20/ month, yearly costs only $6.58/month. And the lifetime plan costs 299 dollars.

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid

Grammarly doesn’t offer any detailed report of the writing. But prowritingaid gives a summary report for free.

Grammarly free plans only help to check basic grammar and spelling. But Prowritingaid will give you a style, word, and readability check for free.

Grammarly is expensive. In this case, ProWritingAid is not that much costly. It offers more services for almost half price.

The accuracy rate of Grammarly is better. Sometimes, ProWritingAid ignores many mistakes that Grammarly doesn’t.

2# WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is another Grammarly alternative. This one offers grammar checking, punctuation correction, and many more.

It has an excellent reputation in the business world. Even Forbes has declared it as the #1 writing tool for business purposes. Aside from grammar and spell check, it also provides the style improvement suggestions similar to Grammarly.

Its AI detects the errors with natural language processing. You can get it at a low price per month. Though it doesn’t offer any free trial, you can use it as a cheaper alternative to Grammarly. The tool is an integrated and user-friendly time saver.


WhiteSmoke features are similar to Grammarly. Let’s see the features it offers:

  • Like other tools, it doesn’t only detect the problem and suggest solutions. Instead, it gives some more information about the mistakes. Plus, it will provide you with a writing score.
  • It has Attached some beautiful layout with its new update. They have created a unique design with user experience in mind. It is very user friendly. It has some remarkable attachments.
  • This will check your writing style, which will be very helpful in raising your book readable one.
  • They provide some video tutorials to improve your writing. If you are a new writer, then this is a perfect opportunity for you.
  • They give you documents and letter templates, which is why you can easily create a report without any effort.
  • It not only checks grammar but also acts as a translator and dictionary for you. Such comprehensive services often reduce your costs.
  • It’s a plagiarism checker also. You can find out the plagiarism from your writing instantly.


No free plan is available for it. The plan starts with only $5/ month. The premium one costs $6.66/month. And the business plan costs $11.50/month.

Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke

Grammarly is more costly than WhiteSmoke. So, if you ask me about pricing, I will recommend WhiteSmoke as a cost-effective tool as well.

Yet,Grammarly gives free grammar and spelling checks. But WhiteSmoke does not.

Grammarly provides more features than WhiteSmoke. In comparison to its web plan and free Grammarly plan, Grammarly is a better one.

3# Readable

If you are a web content creator, Readable is a perfect Grammarly alternative for you. This tool is the most effective one to be closer to your audience. It will suggest to you the best things that you can do to increase the readability of your writing.

Well, it is not only a style checker. It also corrects the grammar and spell. It will find out the quality of your text. The emotional tone of your writing will be revealed by it. Also, with it, you can discover the keyword consistency. This one is the right solution for the Search Engine optimized content also.


It will give you some fantastic features. Let’s see what they are:

  • It will determine the sentence length, syllable count, sentence complexity, word choice, etc. So you can improve your writing with their suggestions.
  • Its robust algorithm will complete the analysis of the text. So the problem of finding will be more comfortable.
  • It will scan the website content also. So you don’t have to be worried about that.
  • It possesses a URL analysis tool. So, all you need to do is put in the URL; it will check the readability.
  • Bulk and Email scoring is another digital marketing tool.
  • It locates the keyword density of the article.

Pricing :

No free plan is available as well. It has three plans, ContentPro, CommercePro, and agency. The first one will cost $4 /month. CommercePro will cost $24/month, and AngencyPro will cost $69/month.

Grammarly vs. Readable

Grammarly and Readable both give almost the same facilities about grammar and spell-check. But Readable is cheaper.

Readable analysis, email and bulk checking, templates, etc. are unavailable in Grammarly. So, as a style checker, Readable can be the best Grammarly alternative.

4# Ginger

Ginger software is one of the best software to make your writing faster and better. As a proofreading tool, it gives you a satisfactory result. The pricing is not that high. Even cheaper than Grammarly.

Though it does not provide any plagiarism checker like Grammarly. Grammar and spell check, translation, etc. can be done quickly with it. So it is an excellent Grammarly alternative indeed.


Let us see the features offered by Ginger:

  • Spell and Grammar check is its fundamental feature. You can rewrite all the errors at once.
  • You can alter the style of your essay. That will make your book get better.
  • It suggests synonyms. Also, you can choose from the UK/USA English.
  • It supports more than 60 languages.
  • A personal trainer is available to make you a better writer.
  • Rephrasing sentences is a helpful feature.


No free plan is available for this tool. It offers three plans. Monthly, Annual, and two years. The monthly plan will cost $20.97/month. Yearly will cost $7.49/month, and the two years plan costs $6.66/month.

Grammarly vs. Ginger

Grammarly only offers the English language. But Ginger offers 60+ languages to communicate.

Ginger is less costly than Grammarly.

Ginger doesn’t offer plagiarism check, writing scores, and personal Dictionary feature. But Grammarly provides so.

The accuracy rate of Grammarly is higher than Ginger’s.

5# Hemingway

Well, Hemingway is the most famous style editor for the writers. But unlike Grammarly, it won’t give you an in-depth grammar check. But it’s a better style checker to make your writing’ bold and ‘bright.

And you can use the free version of it without any hesitation because it’s free version is good enough and provides all the details for a new writer, it is a great tool to improve writing style.


Let us see the highlights of Hemingway Editor:

  • It offers you to detect the sentences that you should change. The Yellow sentences reflect the complexity and suggest to simplify. The red mark refers to hard to read. There are additional highlights that you can fix.
  • Hemingway gives an overall score of the writing. Count 5 is the perfect score. That means your book is good enough. Scores more than 5 indicate the necessity of edits.
  • Hemingway Editor can distinguish adverbs. Why adverbs? This is because adverbs can diminish the verbs they modify.
  • With Hemingway Editor, you will be nimble to publish your writing effortlessly. Yet, if you want to publish an outline or live post to Medium blog or WordPress, you can immediately do that from the app.
  • The ability to import text from Microsoft Word and other text editing applications is another fascinating aspect of the Hemingway Editor. Because of this, when they edit their work, they no longer need to copy and paste between programs.


You can use its free plan. Or you can take one time payment of $19.99

Grammarly vs. Hemingway

Grammarly is a comprehensive solution. But Hemingway is not. It’s a style checker. So it is not the complete Grammarly alternative.

Final Verdict

Software and tools have made a revolutionary change for writers. In previous days, proofreading was one of the toughest parts of publishing writing. But tools, it only takes a minute to the script. Grammarly is one of the best writing tools indeed. It’s a bit costly, but a useful ve.

But if you are not satisfied with it, you should choose one from the Grammarly alternatives.
You can see the same or better service at a lower price. Grammarly has so many shortcomings; it’s accuracy rate is satisfactory. Finally, whether you want to take premium service, you should choose from the alternatives.


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