5 Best Gruveo Alternatives

Nowadays, video conferencing software is an indispensable part of our daily life. Gruveo video conferencing software is a popular one. Yet it’s inconvenient for free users and also it has some shortcomings. So you might need a great Gruveo alternative, to make your video conference easier and convenient.

In today’s world, millions of people use Video Conferencing software as their meeting accessories. Features like hand raise, whiteboarding; slide sharing are very crucial in daily life.What’s hard is discovering whether or not the app you choose is perfect for you.

So I’ve assembled a list of Video Conferencing software that has the best user review and overall better pertained to Gruveo. Based on critic and user data, I’ve focused on how Gruveo stacks up to the competition. This top 5 will help you choose the perfect software, according to your preference.

Why do you need a Gruveo alternative?

Gruveo is useful software. But still, you might be tired of some of its problems. And at the same type, other apps are providing much comfort in terms of video chatting. So it’s worth finding out your preferred Gruveo alternative. Let’s see what causes are there:

  • Not enough Storage: It doesn’t provide much storage. It only offers 5GB.
  • Not for all browsers: You cannot use it in all browsers. It’s applicable for only a few browsers.
  • Limited time: You are doing an important meeting, and suddenly it stops for a limited time. It’s disgusting. So as a free user, it can hamper you on work
  • Not available for all countries: It doesn’t provide service in all states. Even countries like France are out of the list.

5 Best Gruveo Alternatives

I have chosen a few alternatives that you can get for free or at a much lower price and very user friendly. Each of these top five lists can be very helpful for you:

01# Zoom

Zoom video conferencing is one of the most viral apps in the world at the moment in the coronavirus situation. The company’s net earnings suddenly skyrocketed in 2020 after the coronavirus outbreak. Starting from business discussions all over the world when the class started online, it began to be managed through zoom.

Although its popularity has waned due to lack of security and unlimited time, it is still widely used due to its excellent features. This will give you the most out of video conferencing. Let’s see what nice features it has.


  • You will get high-quality audio and video through it. As it offers HD quality video, this is so much popular among the students and the business practitioners.
  • There are many options like a whiteboard and also the hand rising system.
  • You can share in types of documents and also the screen share option is available.
  • You can mute the audio if you want.
  • The premium plan offers an unlimited time of video conferencing.
  • Also, you can change your background and give some nice experience.
  • You can record the conference for later use or any types of work.


It offers you a free plan so you can use it for free. There is also a premium plan. The pro plan cost 14.99 dollars per month. You can also take the business plan, which costs 19.99 dollars a month. Even the enterprise plan cost the same.

Gruveo vs Zoom

These two are much similar, forget features and problems. They both are banned in some countries for some reasons.

They both offer unlimited time video conferencing in premium service.

The other features like white bow sharing, document sharing etc. are almost the same so you can call it a perfect solution of gruveo alternative.

02# Skype

Skype has always been one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. You will find excellent features that are much more comfortable. You can make group calls through video conferencing as well.

It is as popular among students as it is for business.

Moreover, it is a very reliable and trustworthy software for traders due to its extremely high-quality security. Its customer reviews are so good that it is considered to be the most user-friendly app.

Although its premium is better than Skype’s free service, you can be sure that it will be a free service.


  • You can screen through and share all documents in a video call.
  • You can make HD video calling, which is very comfortable.
  • This will allow you to keep a record of calls so that you can check them later if you miss something important…
  • It will give you Live subtitles which is a very nice feature because you can talk to foreigners in their language.
  • In addition to group conversations, it will also allow you to have private conversations.
  • The Skype Premium feature can be very helpful for you.
  • Its premium feature allows you to call and text with anyone who doesn’t have Skype.
  • You will also be able to view call history with incoming messages and chat history.


Free service is available. Skype’s premium package starts at just 4.99$. And this Skype has a bigger box that you can buy for 8.99$.

Skype vs Gruveo

Skype allows you to translate that you can’t be in the gruveo. Gruveo will only give you video chatting.

Skype’s premium package is relatively inexpensive and offers many more features for free. Without its premium features, you will be able to talk and have conferencing in many unlimited ways.

But you can’t do complete video conferencing without gruveo premium service. Like gruveo, it provides all the features and includes many more.

03# Messenger Room

Messenger is an American Facebook, Inc.’s messaging program and platform. The Facebook messenger Company was first founded in 2008.

Its Messaging Application was upgraded in 2010, and then in August 2011 separate ioS and Android applications were launched and in Q4 2018 independent Facebook Portal calling hardware was introduced for Messenger. Facebook introduced an app dedicated to the website.

Separates messaging from the main Facebook app to allow users to install or update a new application using the web interface. Facebook launched Messaging for Computer in April 2020. It is assisted by Microsoft Platform and App Store on Windows 10 and macOS and released simultaneously In April 2020.

Features of Messenger Room:

  • In the Facebook Messenger, there are several features and regional reach and devices on which they are available.
  • Without even a Facebook profile, Android users can sign up for the app and need only the contact information
  • Users can send messages without being friends to other users, provided they have the other user’s phone number in their contact list.
  • Shows around the icon, with a snapshot of the user profile on the phone, irrespective of the app being open.
  • Users can submit and share images, videos, stickers, audio and files and respond and connect to apps to other users’ messages.
  • The service also offers voice and video calling assistance.
  • The standalone applications allow multiple profiles, communications with end-to-end authentication and games.


Messenger video conferencing is completely free. There is no premium version. You can get all the features without any kind of cost. So it is one of the best gruveo alternatives.

Gruveo vs Messenger

Facebook is the most popular communication medium in the world. You can talk to people who are connected to you on Messenger. But since many people do not use gruveo, you cannot communicate with many people through it.

Messenger is completely free. New messenger room that allows you to talk to many people for free and unlimited time at the same time. Meanwhile, if you use gruveo, you will not be able to speak for total time if you do not take pet service.

Messenger is much more user friendly and is one of the most widely used apps in the world.

04# Google Hangouts Meet

Google meet should be your first choice if you want to get the best service for free. It offers you the highest quality video and audio of all time at no cost. This app is top-rated for video conferencing because it has many features.

You can chat as well as send emojis and share screens and documents. As the mobile app is available, it is integrated with Google. While an excellent app for video conferencing and class, it can’t be joined by more than 100 people at once. This is the only cons that can be said, otherwise everything else is very convenient.


  • High-quality audio and video you can get through Google hangouts meet.
  • You can have unlimited meetings through it.
  • When you have a live seminar, you can record that meeting for later use.
  • It will offer you flexible layout and screen settings.
  • A meeting host has some control over what caused the meeting to take place.
  • This allows you to share screens and display data and documents.
  • Participants will be able to keep them Mute or unmute if they wish and keep the video on or off if they want to.
  • Meeting participants can exchange messages and give emojis if they’re going to.
  • It will provide you with many benefits as it is integrated with Google and Microsoft.
  • You can share any document or PDF with this app.


Its free service is available. The G suite premium offers services starts in 10$ /month. And G Suite Enterprise Essentials costs 20$.

Gruveo vs Google Hangouts Meet

The storage is much shorter in case of Gruveo. Google Hangouts Meet will offer you more storage.
Gruveo is expensive. The free version doesn’t offer unlimited time, so you need to take the premium version, which is costly.

Google hangouts meet available in all countries, which is not available in Gruveo. So Google Hangouts Meet is the best solution alternative to Gruveo.

05# Cisco Webex

If you ask which is the most user-friendly video conferencing app, then you must mention the name of Cisco Webex. This Excellent one you can use very quickly as it will offer you many more features.

It is very popular with students for video conferencing as well as for classes. Besides, you can get it at a low price, and it does not have any particular best side. I put it in the second place of my top list for various beautiful reasons. Let’s know its features.


  • Can talk in high-quality audio and video calls. HD video conferencing is nowadays, people’s preference.
  • It will cooperate very well with you no matter what you run Android, Windows or iOS.
  • The data encryption system manages your security calling.
  • All video conferencing services are evident due to the high bandwidth. This is why you can do it through any critical business meeting with a lot of increased security.
  • You can share any document from your desktop or Android in the meeting. The screen sharing option is very advanced, and since it offers HD service, you can see it very clearly.
  • It is very user friendly as you can join the meeting with just one click.


It offers free service as well. There are three plans in the paid process. Starts with $13.50per host/month.The Plus plan costs $17.95per host/month. And the Business plan costs $26.95per host/month.

Gruveo vs Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is known as the most user-friendly app where cisco is not so well known.

It is also relatively cheap, so it can be said to be extremely good as your Gruveo alternative. Cisco Webex offers you HD quality video where you won’t find it anywhere else.


I have experienced many apps for video conferencing such as Google meet, zoom etc. and if you have ever used a gruveo video conferencing app, it’s more likely you can use all these apps.

And also I can assure you that all these apps are far better than the gruveo app because the groove app still needs a lot of work. So it’s better to use a prominent one for a good experience. You can use Google meet, zoom, Skype and you would work more efficiently. So I would suggest you follow my list and choose one of them.

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