3 Best HideMyAss Alternatives

HideMyAss is a pretty popular name for ensuring online privacy and anonymity. Yet, it has created some privacy concerns among users. That’s why I’ve listed some better options as HideMyAss alternatives.

But is HideMyAssis too bad?

No! It is not. It has been giving service for more than a decade. It offers services in 190+ countries with an extensive network of servers. You can get excellent customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee by HMA. Moreover, it’s Leak protection, and full service in up to 5 devices at a time ensures your comfort.

The best thing I’ve found only on HideMyAssis IP shuffle. But some significant issues can be the causes of finding a HideMyAss alternative. What are them? Let’s dive into the reasons.

Why should you find a HideMyAss Alternative?

01# Doesn’t protect your privacy: When you use a VPN, your first desire is user privacy. At this point, HideMyAss is another name of great disappointment.

Because the HideMyAssis owned by avast, which is a UK-based primax limited. And as the UK is not a part of the EU anymore, they are not bound to ensure user privacy trough laws. And it’s not a guessing, and already they have handed over the data to the authorities for two times.

Keeping the information on log activity is intimidating. And HMA keeps it.

So if you are concern about hiding identity, you should choose an app as an alternative of HMA.

02# It doesn’t provide good speed: Well, it gives a good pace in some areas but not worldwide. You can enjoy a satisfactory rate in the USA, UK. It’s a performance in Europe, and some countries in Asia are good also.

But in Africa, Australia, and many other countries, it will disappoint you. Even in some countries of Asia, it works slow. Slow connection is the worst experience in browsing. So using a HideMyAss alternative is necessary in that case.

03# Pricing is not satisfactory: You can find great contraposition in their pricing. Their payment method is not universal, and their pricing is not the same for the country. Even you have to pay 3× if you live in the USA rather than in Malaysia.

In some states, it allows you to pay via Paypal. But it’s restricted in some countries. And the package auto-renewal is embarrassing sometimes because it won’t even notify you when your previous plan times up.

2 Best HideMyAss alternatives

You might have confused about choosing a better alternative to Hidemyass. Here I’ve mentioned two best VPN with detail overview and comparison:

01# NordVPN

NordVPN is the most positive rated VPN by the users and critics. It works so smoothly. And the thing I like most is it’s user friendly. You can run it in 6 devices at a time. This VPN is powerful with so many servers as well.


It’s has the best features that will convince you to use it as the best alternative to HMA.

  • A huge Server will cover you anytime. It doesn’t matter where you are, NordVPN will cover you as it has the most enriched sever. You can rely on their 5000 servers, after all.
  • Ensure your high Security with NordVPN because it won’t keep your log information. Protocols with 256-bit encryption and PGP keys, it makes an unbreakable security system.
  • Double VPN is one of it’s an extraordinary feature. Ensure your double security with it.


Enjoy the best pricing. NordVPN offers crazy cheap pricing. If you take the two-year plan, it will only cost $4.99, which is lower than the hidemyass. Like hidemyass, it has a monthly policy too, which costs only $ 11.95. And the yearly package will cost $6.99.

HideMyAss vs NordVPN

Privacy: HideMyAss provides terrible security where NordVPN is reliable for its double VPN with no logs service.

Pricing: NordVPN will provide you better service at a meager price, where you have to pay $50-$150 dollars to use HMA.

Also, NordVPN has so many features similar to hidemyass. So, you can choose it as a better alternative to HMA.

02# Cyberghost

Cyberghost can be your best choice because of it’s top-notch security. Your data safety is their priority. The transparency of their service has made it reliable to it’s millions of clients. You can run it on your seven devices.


It will provide you all types of VPN features. Such as:

  • You can get access to copy servers through the VPN. This fantastic feature will let you enjoy full privacy.
  • Cyberghost is available in 89 countries all around the world. There are 110 locations with 6218 servers. To be covered by it from anywhere.
  • It has 256-bit encryption so that you can enjoy several VPN protocols.
  • It’s faster than HMA. As a HideMyAss alternative, it is designed so perfectly that it will give you the quickest service…
  • It won’t save your logs Because they strictly follow the no-log policy. And Don’t worry, if you think it’s not worthwhile, you can use the 45 days money-back guarantee.


The best part of Cyberghost is its pricing. It is absolutely cheapest with so many offers and discounts. There are three plans, as well. The 18-month plan will cost only $2.75/month ( even it’s less expensive than NordVPN). The six-month plan will cost $7.99, and for one month plan, it would be $12.99.

Cyberghost vs HideMyAss

Privacy: You will get top-notch privacy with no log policy is Cyberghost. But HMA is highly risky and not reliable at all.

Pricing: The pricing of Cyberghost is absolutely so much lower. So Cyberghost is one of the best HideMyAss alternatives.

Final Words

It’s a bad idea to spend lots of money on a less effective VPN. You will get better service at a lower cost if you use a HideMyAss alternative. The most alarming fact of HMA is, it’s very insecure. Your data is not safe with them, and anytime it can be sold or taken.

However, people still use HideMyAss as it is common and available in more than 190 countries. Cyberghost and NordVPN provide far better service. They are faster, offer more features. HideMyAssis 3-4 times costly than them. But they have not developed their services.

So, use any of the alternatives and protect your privacy at a low cost.

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