3 Best Hotspot Shield Alternatives

Hi there! You’re probably here because VPNs are awesome. And you want to know about Hotspot Shield’s alternatives!

Great! You’ve come to the right place. Now, get cozy and get a cup of coffee.

Let’s do a quick history lesson. VPN is great for many reasons. We all know the amazing benefits of using one. You get a secure connection, can browse without showing your identity.

Yes, yes. We get it.

But you may ask why this review is any different? I will share with you the tech-secrets I know. Which also means a list of great Hotspot Shield alternatives.

I am getting into some of the best alternatives for Hotspot Shield just for you! Walking away, you’ll be an expert at VPN. Trust me on this.

Why you need Alternatives to Hotspot Shield VPN?

Let’s get one question straight. I can ramble away about great VPNs. But.

Why should YOU use an alternative to Hotspot Shield?

There are some really good reasons, actually. And ones which will save your wallet from going empty.

Are you interested to know how to use VPN but also remain safe on the internet? I know I do! Such are the reasons why I use these alternatives quite frequently.

It’s time saving, efficient, and cheap. Whether exploring restricted websites or content which needs protection, you can rely on these very safely. Below are the reasons you need an alternative;

  • Security: Ahem. So, it’s been noted that the company behind Hotspot Shield actually got complaints of being unethical. This is why getting an alternative to Hotspot Shield is a good call. Yes, any VPN works. It probably will serve your job, unless you are some award-winning hacker. However, the alternatives have better security when using the VPN. Which are reliable, fast, and don’t cause you any issue with javascript injection. Therefore, Hotspot Shield is probably not the best bet anymore.
  • Range of countries to connect to: Hotspot Shield has a reputation of not connecting you to a lot of countries. Especially, if you’re using it for free. The handful of times I needed VPN to play Spotify in my local region, Hotspot Shield connects me to the US. Just the US! Then I’m stuck with American ads about teeth whitening products. If you know one thing about VPN, you get these ads. So, if you use an alternative to Hotspot Shield, you’ll find that you get connected to other regions of this magnificent and round Earth!
  • Unblocking sites: With these alternatives I have listed for you, you have a wide range of sites which are unblocked. If you’re located in remote parts of the world, you may find some sites are simply not open for you to click. Even certain VPNs may not be enough. Unless you use premium accounts, it may never be. So, using the assortments (quite literally) of VPNs, you can pick and choose which one to use. Is that not just so cool?
  • Discounts on long term membership: Finally. The drum rolls stop here. There are simply some amazing discounts on long term memberships. That’s it! No short cut here. I’m saying, if you see deals of 6 months and up and have a great deal. Why not buy it? You save a crazy ton of money! And get security, and the added bonuses of VPN. Wow, I mean I have no reason why I’m not securing a good VPN membership deal at this moment.

Is Using VPN illegal?

When using a VPN, know that much of the information is sort of going through a black-hole. So, a third party can’t really know what you’re up to.

In one word, is using VPN illegal? Simply put; no.

Now that I told you that, does that mean a cybercrime is not a cybercrime if VPN is used? Nope! If someone is using the internet and the VPN benefits to do a criminal offense, when and if caught it is going be illegal.

And in the US, VPN use is yet a very legal thing to use. So are in many parts of the world.

In fact, there aren’t many laws opposing VPN use or Proxy websites use. So.. let us deduce that we must consume responsibly. Whether that is VPN, or any other thing.

Am I right?

3 Best Hotspot Shield Alternatives

01# ExpressVPN

In the VPN world, ExpressVPN is a household name. It is a leading company in the industry and provides you with unlimited access to unblock websites and all the amazing benefits of a VPN. They provide a cutting edge leak prevention. And can connect you to around 160 locations worldwide, in 94 countries! That’s almost more than half of the aorld.

But I’ll share here why it actually stands out. Overall, Comparetech gives it a solid 10/10 of security.


  • Average Speed is *:58 Mbps
  • Video Streaming Support is 4K UHD
  • Supports Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu
  • Encryption Type:256-bit AES w/ Perfect Forward Secrecy


Since VPN comes with a price, we need to get this off our chests. No, ExpressVPN is not totally free. But you know what they say? The good things in life comes with a price. Good for you though, the price is really not going to break your bank.

The lower Monthly Cost is $6.67! That is very impressive. Given Hotspot Shield starts with $7.99. Also, the Money Back Guarantee is 30 periods. So you can use it for a while and if you end up wanting to uninstall ExpressVPN, simply get your money back. They try to provide you with a seamless experience using their VPN.

Hotspot Shield vs ExpressVPN

Hotspot Shield may be a bit more well known in the industry with many promising customers worldwide.

Let’s also add, their questionable privacy settings also makes eyebrows raise.

But ExpressVPN is coming in with a bang for the buck. And also some really competition worthy features, like a great average speed, video streaming quality and perfect forward secrecy. You pay less with ExpressVPN as well.

02# HideMyAss

HideMyAss is a UK company with the motto, ‘more VPN for your money’. With regards to its performance, HMA is widely known. It also comes with some controversies in the past related to privacy, HMA stepped up their game.

We all love a good come-back, right? The mistakes we make only make us stronger. The reasons why HMA is a good alternative to Hotspot Shield are plenty.

In Comparitech’s ratings, HMA scores a 9/10 in security.


  • Average Speed is *40 Mbps
  • Video Streaming Support is 4K, HD video conferencing
  • Supports Netflix
  • Encryption Type is 256-bit AES


Alright, we have to talk about the amazing deal of HMA. The Lowest Monthly Cost is just $3.99. That’s half of Hotspot Shield! Wow.

And the Money Back Guarantee is 30 days for this as well.

Hotspot Shield vs HideMyAss

Hotspot Shield is firstly charging you double. While also coming with a lot of privacy issues.

While HMA has a good security rating, as well as speed rating and value for money. If you’re looking for more amazing features, I’d say you’re blinded. It might not get better than this.

03# NordVPN

NordVPN is another favourite in this list of alternatives. I’m getting into just why.

But before that, let me first tell you its price and features it is gold. It connects you to almost 60 countries and 5,200 servers. It is inexpensive, and in terms of rating, it just kills the game. Nord VPN has a solid 10/10 in security. It keeps promising you more than you can ever ask for.

It works in China, and has a huge global network. Download it on Android or iOS. I recommend you use NordVPN at least once to see its charms.

NordVPN Features:

  • Encryption Type is 256-bit AES
  • Log Policy has Zero logs
  • Protocols consist of NordLynx, IKEv2, OpenVPN
  • Connects to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. 3. price

NordVPN Price:

My oh my. When I said they cost low, I did mean it.

It has the Monthly Cost: $2.99. Just that! Hotspot Shield takes more than double. You can save up racks using NordVPN. And the best part is their Money Back Guarantee is a standard 30 day.

Hotspot Shield vs NordVPN

Look, the hotspot shield has a rating lower than of NordVPN. While having a higher price.

Is there anything that needs to be said about it? We aren’t bashing hotspot shield. But we do know NordVPN is the next best deal.

Final Words

All of these are amazing. But if you ask me to rate one which stands out, NordVPN is it.

Which alternative will you pick from? I know I use some of these, and it changed my internet experience.

Talk about some good deals, efficient and super fast internet browsing! Hurry up, that can be you too.

Download one now! No one’s watching. (hint: if you use VPN you get the joke!)

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