5 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

If you own a business, especially one that is small but growing, you should know how difficult things can be at times. Putting together a business is tough, but it is even tougher to manage it.

On top of that the need for marketing your products and services gets pressing at times.

So tell me, are you:

  • Struggling to manage your business?
  • Having trouble reaching potential customers?
  • Losing efficiency while doing things manually?

If your answer to at least one of them is yes, then it is good that you are reading this!

So stay with me and let me help you find the perfect business management platform for you! And in the process let me also introduce you to Mailchimp, and also Mailchimp alternatives for your benefit!

The first question you might have is:

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an American marketing platform provides its clients with an all-in-one solution to their business needs. It offers tools and services to assist you in managing your business.

In short, it maintains relationship with your potential clients and is fully automated- thus requires no manual hassle!

So you can expect Mailchimp to:

  • Manage communication with clients and potential customers
  • Target the correct audience
  • Design marketing campaigns for your product/service
  • Report and analyze business related data to maximize your growth and reach

With its amazing support, 250+ app integrations and great connections, Mailchimp helps your brand to take on the world.

Mailchimp’s free plan allows 2,000 contacts and 10,000 sends per month, and is available for beginners. Its Essentials, Standard and Premium services start at $9.99, $14.99 and $299 per month respectively.

However, different businesses have different requirements. As efficient Mailchimp is, it can also have certain limitations. Which is why some may look for better alternatives to Mailchimp.

If you are one of them, we have 5 best Mailchimp alternatives for you!

5 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Like I said, one platform cannot offer you everything.

While using Mailchimp, you may feel the need to have a better range of tools and services. For some the pricing may be an issue for the service they except. Which is why I have a selection of 5 alternatives to Mailchimp for you to choose from!

01# Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best alternatives to Mailchimp. Like Mailchimp, it assists in email marketing. Founded as Roving Software in 1995 and later renamed, it is one of the most experienced Email Marketing Platforms.

Constant Contact engages your existing and potential customers to build your brand and get you more leads. Its wide pool of email templates, efficient list segmentation and built-in extended tools help you to reach clients on social media platforms too!

To boost your marketing campaigns, it also has various features. Let me give you some details!


  • 100+ customizable and responsive email templates
  • 2 GB hosting for digital files
  • Drag-and-drop mail editor
  • Social media platform engagement
  • Real time campaign tracking
  • Multi user accounts


Beyond the one month free trial, you have two service plans to choose from. The Email plan starts at $20 a month and is great for small businesses. The Email Plus plan starts at $45 a month is suitable for budding and developed businesses.

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp:

Hmm. This is not a tough choice at all. Although Mailchimp is hailed for its ease of use, Constant Contact takes the cake for being more supportive and comprehensive.

Also, Constant Contact does a better job when it comes to segmenting and managing your list. And its ready pool of email templates are much better designed and cover a wider range.

You can easily customize your emails, especially with the drag-and-drop feature, and Constant Contact’s “Action Blocks” feature is loved by many! It is rated 4.5/5 on Finances Online!

02# Convertkit

Convertkit is a relatively new email marketing platform online, starting its journey in 2013. It has been one of the fastest growing platforms in this field. Convertkit provides email automation services that will make your digital marketing experience much better.

Convertkit claims to be easy-to-use, efficient and suitable for our modern day needs. It is mainly built for online creators, so for your specific needs it is perfect. You will not have to worry about too many e-commerce features cluttering your interface.

It is largely acclaimed for its transparency unlike no other.

In short, it is easy, seamless and great for bloggers, podcasters and other online creators who are looking to have a better reach in building their brand.


  • Efficient and up-to-date email automation
  • Simple and easy segmnetation
  • Email sign-up forms and designers
  • Engaging landing pages
  • Auto resend broadcasts to unreads
  • Lead magnet double opt-in


They now have a free plan! You can start a free project with no credit card and cancel anytime.

The Complete plan starts at $29 a month if monthly paid and annually would cost $25 a month. You can enjoy a 14 days free trial with it too!

Convertkit vs Mailchimp

Where Convertkit definitely wins is its ease of use. Compared to Mailchimp, it is more up-to-date in its features and great for our ultra-modern life.

Most also agree that Convertkit’s mail automation and list management/tagging is much comprehensive than Malichimp. It is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars in G2!

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03# SendGrid

Like Mailchimp and the other services mentioned above, SendGrid is an email delivery service used for marketing purposes. Without the hassle of maintaining email servers, its SMTP provider helps you send automated emails easily.

You can completely stop worrying about client communication and marketing while using it. SendGrid claims to manage all the technicalities of the process. So you can expect a seamless service.

It offers two ways of sending an email:

  • SMTP relay
  • Web API

It also claims to offer proven deliverability, exceptional management and competitive expertize. It sends more than 60 billion emails every month, sounds amazing, does it not?

Let me give you more insight on this amazing service.


  • Industry leading deliverability
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • SMTP and API integration
  • Email validation
  • Real-time and customizable analytics
  • Dynamic templates
  • Global support


Amazingly, it has a superb free plan. With it the first 30 days you can send 40,000 emails, and after that 100 each day!

The Essentials plan starts at $14.95 a month, and offers great foundational features. Its Pro plan is the most popular, and starts at $89.95 per month. With it you can send over 15 million emails a month! All the prices are affected by taxes and overcharges, so keep that in mind.

What is so exciting about SendGrid is its Custom Pricing plan, where you can talk to an expert and customize a plan that suits you the best!

SendGrid vs Mailchimp:

SendGrid is an effective Mailchimp alternative, but it clearly also tops it. Here is how:

SendGrid is way ahead in handling more technical requirements of its users. Mailchimp is okay for mainstream uses, but for developers with complex requirements, SendGrid is the better option.

It is also superior in terms of transactional emails. Also SendGrid’s free plan is a better choice for businesses starting up with a new app. And its operational scale will not budge even if you want to send a million emails out in a day!

It has 4.3 stars out of 5 on Capterra!

04# GetResponse

Next in my list is a noteworth Mailchimp alternative- GetResponse. Just like Mailchimp, it is an email automation and marketing service. It offers a stunning range of pro features to make your experience more than amazing.

Besides its topnotch newsletter tools, it additionally offers access to free iStock images, an iOS and Android app to effortlessly run campaigns etc.

It has a global reach of 182 countries with over 1 billion subscriber engagement every month! Want to know more? Let me give you some of its exciting details:


  • Email marketing
  • Generate leads
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion funnel
  • Marketing automation
  • Webinars, sign-up forms and paid ads


Without any credit card, you can enjoy a free trial of any plan up to 30 days. Its Basic plan starts at $15 a month, and the most popular Plus plan starts at $49 a month. The Professional plan starts at $99 a month and the Max plan offers custom pricing!

GetResponse vs Mailchimp:

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing platforms because its list automation is outstanding. Its design and spam testing is also full-proof. Additionally, its conversion funnel and other features make it a better choice over Mailchimp.

Many would also agree that it does a more effective targeted campaigns than Mailchimp. TrustRadius gives it a solid 7.7/10!

05# AWeber

By now you already know the basics of all these platforms. To save you your valuable time, I will get to the point straight:

AWeber is an outstanding Mailchimp alternative. It is an email marketing app through which you can make a mailing list, capture relevant data, design newsletters and more.

Currently it is a service provider to over 100,000 clients with small businesses. It is a great choice for startups and entrepreneurs as its features assist them to a great extent. Let’s dive into its features!


  • Smart designer
  • Landing pages
  • Drag-and-drop email creation
  • Free template library
  • Auto-newsletters
  • Analytics and list management


Yes, there is a Free plan available if you have around 500 subscribers. The Pro plan starts at $16.50 a month and is billed annually!

GetResponse vs Mailchimp

AWeber definitely wins in terms of template numbers. Compared to Mailchimp, AWeber’s automations are easier to set and manage. AWeber’s registration forms are also much more impressive!

AWeber’s support is more responsive. This is a big plus point when it comes to customer service. It surely is the better and friendlier option for newbies! On TrustRadius it gets an 8.7/10!


All the Mailchimp alternatives listed above are some of the most competitive and effective ones on the market. They all have different range of features that will cover a huge area of your marketing needs. Not one will disappoint you, I promise.

So why wait? Go check them out!

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