5 Best McAfee Alternatives

Virus and malware are nightmares for us. They can delete our entire data, stop our whole system even in a second.

That’s why using a high-security provider antivirus software is crucial. In the list of top antivirus, the name of McAfee must be added.

Yet, lots of users complain about losing data, as they don’t offer cloud storage. The real-time detection is impressive, but they affect system performance.

So, I’ve listed some McAfee alternatives, that can give you better phishing detection, faster performance. Before describing the details, let’s see about McAfee first.

What is McAfee?

This anti-virus software can be in your priority list for high cybersecurity. Ensuring protection from malware, virus, cyber attack, hackers and other cyber threats, it is one of the most reliable software.

There are four premium plans you can choose. For one device, it costs $29.99 in a year. The individual/ couple plan, for five devices, costs $34.99/year. The family plan costs 39 dollars a year, and you can use up to 10 devices. For unlimited device use, you have to pay $99.99 in a year.

However, as they provide real-time malware detection, it often slows down the overall performance. Without cloud storage, it seems inconvenient sometimes. The scanning process is slow too. That’s why you may need a better one, the alternative to McAfee

Top 5 McAfee Alternatives( Free and Paid)

Considering the best performance in identifying any kind of malicious software, detect the existing virus and removing or isolating them, I’ve made this top 5 list. Here the details are described:

1# Kaspersky

The first one is Kaspersky, one of the most reliable antiviruses Against malware, virus, worms, Trojan Horses and other cyber threats. Over 20 years, it is performing as one of the most accurate viruses detecting software. And, whether another similar antivirus is costly, Kaspersky offers a free version.

So, as a budget-friendly solution, it enables the highest security. It’s lightweight and performs fastly, so the user experience is much impressive. Backing up the files, the password management system has made this software convenient to the user. Let’s see the details feature of the software:


  • Comprehensive protection.
  • High detection rate.
  • High accuracy rate.
  • Encrypted data.
  • Monitoring Network Activity.
  • Monitoring application activity.
  • Password manager.


It is offering a free plan. But for more layers of security, you can choose a premium plan. The premium plan starts with $59.99 per year, for three devices. And there is another plan which costs $79.99 for five devices.

McAfee vs Kaspersky

McAfee is costly. It’s the lowest plan starts with $29.99 for one device. But Kaspersky is offering a completely free program. And also, they are offering a pro plan at lower prices.

The main disadvantage you may face in McAfee is, no backup of data, but Kaspersky is offering you the full data backup system.

The malware detection rate is almost similar. McAfee and Kaspersky, both show impressive accuracy in protection from cyber threats.

Kaspersky is featuring Password manager & parental controls, but you can’t find these in McAfee. Also, Two-factor authentication for online account feature is available in Kaspersky, but McAfee is not offering it.

2# Norton

This anti-virus software is all in one protection against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online attacks. The high security and privacy system have made it reliable to the users. It ensures that you can avoid all unsafe websites (Dark web monitoring is included)and also suspicious downloads.

Since 1991, it has been providing service with a high accuracy rate. It also Lets you move protection from one device to another. That means you can use multiple devices. You can run this software in your windows, Mac and Linux os. For higher ram computer, this anti-virus software works best.


  • High security and privacy.
  • Protection from virus and malware.
  • Multiple devices using
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Avoid suspicious downloads.
  • Protects from hackers.
  • Supports in Windows, Mac, Linux OS
  • Parental control.
  • Data encryption.


They don’t offer any free plan. Three premium plan is available. The first plan of The Norton antivirus costs $59.99 annually; you can use up to 5 devices.

Norton online backup plan will cost $29.99 annually; it is used for multiple users. Norton 360 multi-device goal is available, which costs $104.99/ month, you can take this plan for unlimited devices.

McAfee vs Norton

Mcafee has some better performance in Useful system optimisation tools, File shredder and sends a low number of false alarms. Norton’s performance is a bit lower in this case.

But there are some features provided by Norton will please you. Such as excellent protection against malware, features of webcam protection, ransomware protection and, a password manager is not available in McAfee. So, Norton is overall providing more features.

And the pricing is almost the same in both of them. Firewall, password manager, network attack protection is a common feature you can found.

3# Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is one of the top-rated user-friendly antivirus software. With its real-time protection feature and anti-exploit system, it’s one of the best one. As McAfee alternative, it’s offering you high accuracy rate of malware detection.

The quality of false-positive (standard detecting software as malware) is much lower in the “real world” study.

This fantastic antivirus is offering a free plan. So if you are looking for free antivirus software with top-notch security, I’ll suggest Malwarebytes. Similar to McAfee, it has high safety and data encryption. It doesn’t slow down your system.


  • Comprehensive protection.
  • Cleans virus attacked devices.
  • Shields systems.
  • Real-time detection
  • Warns you.
  • Prevention tools.
  • Protest ransomware attacks.


The free plan is available. The premium plan starts with US$3.33/ month for one device. For five devices, it costs US$6.67/ month. And the final goal is for five instruments ( provides more features) and costs US$8.33/month.

McAfee vs Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is offering free service, but McAfee has only paid version. So, as a budget-friendly McAfee alternative, you can choose Malwarebytes. Also, Malwarebytes is much cheaper. The premium plan starts with only $3.33/month.

McAfee has more accuracy score than Malwarebytes. And you can find more features in McAfee. But in considering overall performance, you can choose Malwarebytes as a budget-friendly alternative.

4# Quick Heal

For higher accuracy rate in malware protection, identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities, Quick heal could be the best choice. This antivirus software gives cloud-based email security and other features like McAfee is available.

But apart from securing from malware, this software can help you find out your lost laptop or device.

So, in case of loss or steal, you can use its TrackMyLaptop service, and find out where it is. One of the most influential and convenient sides of it’s scanning is, it doesn’t slow down the system.

McAfee slowdowns your computer while watching. So alternative to McAfee, your best companion can be Quick heal.


  • Protects from virus and malware.
  • Protect from phishing.
  • Protection from cyber threats.
  • Doesn’t slow down.
  • Tracking PC.
  • Cloud-based email security.
  • Data encryption.
  • Parental controls.


Multi-device pack for one windows, 1 ios, one android device costs $75/ year. One user for 1-year package costs $74/ year; another similar package costs $40/year. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is less costly and costs $30/ year. And total security for mac package costs $55(1 User, 1 Year).

Quick Heal Total Protection for Android costs only $7/year. Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server costs $62/year( 1 user). Another package like Quick Heal PCTuner 3.0 is available in $20 (1 User, Lifetime).

McAfee vs Quick Heal

Quick heal offers multiple packages. So, doesn’t matter you are Android or ios/PC user, you can choose your convenient package. McAfee offers fewer packages.

You cannot get a free tracker with McAfee antivirus. But quick heal is here for you, with a tracker to track your laptop.

Quick Heal doesn’t slow down your computer like McAfee. So, while scanning, you can run other software efficiently.

5# Avast

Avast is one of the most renowned antivirus software for 18 years. This award-winning software can protect your devices from dangerous sites, downloads, malware and other cybercriminals.

It’s cyber capture, and the smart scan doesn’t require much ram and doesn’t slowdowns the computer. It is offering exciting features like a password manager, high-security DNS will impress you. And it has a free plan also. You can take a pro plan for a better experience. Let’s see what features are offering by it:


  • High-security DNS.
  • Password manager.
  • High protection from malware
  • Smart scanning.
  • Protection from suspicious sites.
  • Autocratic browser cleaning.


The free plan is available. There are two Pro plans. One costs $89.99/ year, and another one costs $119.99/year( 10 devices). Plans for one month cost $3.99. 5 devices for one month costs $5.99. And one machine for the 1-year plan costs $59.99.The other project, ten tools for one year, costs $69.99.

McAfee vs Avast

The security of McAfee is better. But avast can be the best McAfee alternatives regarding free service.

This Alternative has automatic browser cleaner, high-security DNS which are not available in McAfee. But the accuracy rate of virus detection is a bit high in case of McAfee.

Wrapping Up

Using good antivirus software is a must to protect your devices. The viruses can harm and damage your device drastically. Powerful and protective antivirus software like McAfee is costly typically.

I’ve tried to figure out cheaper or free McAfee alternatives which are competent regarding features. This list may help you to choose a software, convenient with your budget and requirements.

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