5 Best Mega Alternatives

Fear of losing the necessary data is more. The reason is cloud storage. MEGA is the top leading cloud storage based software which provides free service as well.

With 100 million+ downloads and 4.2-star review on cloudwards, it’s quite a reliable one.

But after using it for a long time, I found out, it is inconvenient. You can’t see the name and size of the folder. Even it deletes the incomplete downloads!

So afterwards, I was looking for MEGA alternatives; because as a user, one always wants to have more facilities. I intend to give you five more MEGA alternatives for your convenience of cloud storage.

What is MEGA?

MEGA is a file hosting and cloud storage based software. By using MEGA you can transfer your necessary documents easily. MEGA provides a completely free version, although for more storage you can buy the premium version as well which will cost from $ 5.91 to $35.50.

It has an impressive web interface, as well as an online sync service and an iOS version that functions very well on iPhone. I like the overall model and certain features like the QR code and the accessibility of the contact list.

I have faced difficulties while I want to see the shared documents alongside my present files and folders. This is a bit annoying, and it takes a long time to find out the shared contents. For that reason, I intended to search for MEGA alternatives.

5 Best MEGA Alternatives (Free & Paid)

I know you are here for knowing top alternatives to MEGA. I have pointed out 5 more apps which will provide almost the same or better service than MEGA. Let’s get started:

01# pCloud

Everyone wants to have a backup for their important official documents, photos; in my opinion, pCloud might be an excellent choice for storing.

Users can keep sensitive files secure and consolidated in one location, and share managed access and passwords to the digital library with teammates, project partners, etc. across the world.


  • A stable computer drive expanding local disk capacity
  • Similar to mega, any alteration made in the pCloud can be seen on the user’s screen, phone or tablet instantly.
  • Both computers are updated simultaneously when any user makes any changes.
  • pCloud’s new feature is that Branded users can customize download links with the logos of their companies.


You can get 10 GB free cloud storage after signing up, although pCloud is providing a discount on their website for premium versions which start from $175 to $350.

MEGA vs pCloud

These two are similar, and pCloud provides almost the same service as MEGA. But MEGA gives 40-50 GB free whereas pCloud gives 10 GB free cloud storage.

From my point of view, pCloud is more advanced when it comes to features; they are providing security with encryption also. I am not rooting for any of these two, just trying to clarify what I have perceived

02# Sync

Sync.com is a cloud storage service that helps organizations to synchronize and back up files for versioning and to operate together. Sync.com provides a series of tools to handle backup and synchronization settings. And the backup is quick and time consuming.

Besides, audio and video streaming is also an amazing enjoyable feature.


  • Fast backup quality, you can save your time efficiently.
  • Files and documents attached to Sync are backed up to the cloud and linked to all of their connected devices immediately.
  • Like mega, Without download, you can stream audio and video files online.
  • Users can share their files to collaborate with their group mates, team members, project partners whenever they desire.
  • Sync does not collect user’s personal information or sell these data to the third party.


Let us dive into the prices. As a standard user you need to pay $5 per month.

But you get a reasonable price at $15 if you’re a professional and you need advanced features.

MEGA vs Sync

MEGA is available on every device, and I haven’t found any problem while having storage from an SD card. Similar to Mega, Sync is also available in any device( windows, mac, android). So the features are almost the same.

But mega has some shortcomings I’ve mentioned before. Also mega is more costly than sync.

03# Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based software with robust encryption features, developed by Google. This software always tries to be updated with new technological features.

The most crucial part is that you can access these preserved documents whenever you desire by just logging in your account. Google Drive is convenient for keeping your PowerPoint presentation, Google spreadsheet, PDF files.

You can access your Google Drive account from any device. You can directly view the files you are looking for and finish the work to be completed at the best and fastest pace.


  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Security tools are proactive for the user’s safety.
  • Simple sharing and downloading for technical exchanging of content between coworkers and groups.
  • Navigation on the Dashboard is straightforward and quick. It doesn’t confuse people.
  • You can save your necessary files offline so that you can use them when you’re out of network.
  • You can share spreadsheets, presentations also.


The price points are affordable monthly. It starts at $1.99 per month, in exchange for 100 GB storage. If you want to get more hold, you need to pay more.

For having 200 GB storage, you need to pay $2.99 per month. Google Drive also provides an annual plan, $19.99/year for 100GB storage, $29.99/year for 200 GB storage.

MEGA vs Google Drive

Google Drive is more popular than MEGA, undoubtedly because of its feature and user-friendly service towards the customer.

On the other hand, with many cons, MEGA has a higher pricing list. From my point of view, Google Drive would be the best choice for cloud storage and one of the best mega alternatives .

04# MediaFire

Generally, MediaFire is beneficial in all ways that can be used. If you want to upload a file, it is a good idea to be able to access.

And if you’re going to make a copy it is another good idea (because of its pace and ease of use), and even if you’re going to retrieve something from the web MediaFire works quite well.

Without paying, you can upload small files fast. That’s an attractive feature to use this software.


  • 10 GB is the maximum free storage. If you have a free account on MediaFire, you can upload your documents up to 10 GB.
  • The most exciting part of MediaFire is that your account won’t be deleted or your files won’t be affected if you don’t log in regularly.
  • MediaFire is available for Android, iPhone. That means you can carry your documents in the pocket.
  • Convenient file-sharing options for organizations.
  • You can create links when you intend to share the documents.


Pro users need to pay $3,75 per month. MediaFire offers a free trial version containing 10 GB cloud storage. On another pricing will cost you $40 per month, you will be able to download without ad watching.

MEGA vs MediaFire

MediaFire is old software, launched in 2006. So, some features might not be as exclusive as new modern software.

Hardly this type of software can get attention from the people. On the contrary, MEGA launched in 2013. Comparatively, this is new software, so people tend to use this more.

05# Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service which allows users to store necessary documents, files, folders in one place. I think it can be incorporated with several tools, so there would be Dropbox where you need to use it.

It operates with sufficient storage capacity embedded in the cloud, where this technology enables an extensive administration to arrange all the work through files.

In teamwork, everyone can use this to create videos and relevant documentaries. Also, Dropbox allows transfer files, papers and sheets through laptops, tablets and cellular phones.


  • User-friendly manual for helping a new user to create a new account.
  • If you’re familiar with Microsoft Office, then it will be easy for you to use because Dropbox uses standard MS Office forms.
  • If you want to find out your necessary documents you can do that easily by searching.
  • Ability to store data that sync offline after connecting to the internet-ideal for travelling and operating while off the grid.


For individual users, there are two pricing categories, starting from $9.99 to $16.58 per month. If you intend to use Dropbox within your team, then you will also get a free trial.

To have the exclusive features you need to pay $19.99 to $25 per month, an annual subscription system available too. (On the website all pieces of information are given)

MEGA vs Dropbox

Dropbox is leading in the cloud storage area of the technological industry. But it is costly as an alternative to MEGA.

Dropbox will provide only 2 GB storage free for a trial version which seems quite illogical to me. They could provide at least 5 GB of cloud storage as a primary user.

On the other hand, MEGA is doing well, and the pricing list is quite reasonable.


Cloud storage software, app is a must for preserving the official documents, materials in one place. The software needs to be user-friendly because they are going to preserve their essential official documents, and they will want utmost security.

The information is private so if anything leaks that would be a huge deal to handle. MEGA is a cloud storage based software, although we intend to look for better MEGA alternatives.

The given 5 options instead of MEGA are highly recommended to use. I tried to clarify the basic features and pricing list so that you can perceive which app/software is suitable for your company. Thank me later!

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