5 Best Norton Alternatives

Since the invention of viruses in 1982, viruses and malware have been damaging the programs, deleting files or reformatting the hard drive.

But Anti-virus software is here for retrieval. With the revolutionary development of technology, antivirus software like Norton is available to protect your computer against all the malware and cybercriminals.

Trough Norton is one of the best antivirus software. It uses ample RAM, requires a bundle of memory that causes the slow downing of other apps.

So, I’ve chosen the five best Norton alternatives that are lightweight, cheaper, and perform excellently. Before diving into the details, first, I’m giving a short brief about Norton.

What is Norton?

Norton is an excellent anti-malware software. It provides comprehensive protection from computer viruses, identity theft spam, phishing, and other online threats.

This antivirus software’s virus detection rate, protection from various spam, Fast Protection, and Robust Recovery has made it one of the most preferable and reliable antivirus.

If you are using a computer with a lower ram, it might feel problematic because high memory usage slows down the other programs. And it’s scanning is slower. So, you may need alternatives to Norton to have a better experience.

Let’s see the pricing details. The Norton antivirus plan costs $59.99 annually. And the Norton online backup plan will cost $29.99 annually. For multiple users, Norton 360 multi-device goal is available, which costs $104.99/ month.

Top 5 Norton Alternatives

I’ve listed the top 5 Norton alternatives by considering the best security standard, features, reviews and user friendly interface. Lets see what’s first in my list!

1# McAfee

As an antivirus, McAfee can be the best Norton Alternative because it protects malware and spyware from all viruses. Not only that, but it also maintains safety from suspicious or vulnerable sites that may harm your device.

The user experience says it’s 99% successful Against the virus and malware. McAfee helps to block spam and ads, which ensure the protection from hackers and data thieves.

It’s also the best solution as the firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks. Let’s check out the critical features of McAfee antivirus software.


  • Protection against viruses, malware, spyware, hackers.
  • Lightweight doesn’t slow down the system.
  • The graphical user interface is attractive and quick to use
  • Supports Mac and Linux operating systems.
  • Capable of covering all stages of protection
  • Full encryption to avoid data leakage from stolen mobile devices or laptops.


They offer four plans. The single device plan costs the lowest, Only $29.99 in a year. The individual/ couple plan starts with $34.99/year ( up to 5 devices).

The third one is the family plan, Which costs 39 dollars a year and you can use up to 10 devices.

The last And The Ultimate Plan cost the highest $99.99 in a year, and you can use unlimited devices for one year.

Norton vs McAfee

Norton uses more memory. McAfee doesn’t. So while using McAfee, you don’t have to face the slow downing of the other applications.

Norton is costly. McAfee is less expensive. But the services of McAfee are similar to Norton. So, as a budget-friendly choice, you can try McAfee.

Also, Norton doesn’t offer any free trial( there is a 60 days money-back guarantee). But McAfee provides a 30 days free trial.

2# Kaspersky

For the protection of all kinds of cyber threats, Kaspersky has been providing solutions for 20 years. Apart from securing malware and viruses, it has a data-gathering program.

The best thing I’ve to mention is that Kaspersky has a minimal impact on system performance. As a Norton alternative, Kaspersky is the top of the race.

Whether you are looking for the best antivirus software, you may think of paying a fair amount. Well, Kaspersky is entirely free. Even you do not have to be bothered with third party advertisements.

Let’s see the features of it.


  • The excellent detection rate of viruses.
  • For PC, a file backup option is available.
  • It can well secure your every data.
  • The password manager can manage all the passwords for you.
  • Necessary data encryption facility.
  • Investigates any internal issues and programming mistakes.
  • Additional security layers to fend off malware.
  • Technical support


I’ve mentioned before, there is a free version of Kaspersky, and the performance is satisfactory.

There are premium plans for more security layers and technical support. The premium plan costs $59.99 per year for a three-license, And there is another plan which costs $79.99 for five licenses.

Kaspersky vs Norton

They both use the latest technology to detect malware and in-house malware detection systems. Still, I’ve found out some issues for comparison.

Kaspersky is offering Ransomware protection, Banking protection, and File backup in PC, which is not available in Norton.

On the other hand, Norton has VPN and Webcam protection facilities that are not available in Kaspersky. So, you can choose one, according to your preference.

3# Bitdefender

Protecting over 500 million systems, Bitdefender is one of the most reliable antiviruses in the world. They have been providing 38% of the world’s security solutions alone. You can protect your devices, networks, and cloud services, with their excellent service.

From 2001, they provide comprehensive solutions for all aspects like personal use, family, business, and providers.

Their continuous testing, excellence, innovation, and delivery, they have been awarded many times. Top-notch security, user-friendly interface, and promising data security have made it reliable.

Let’s check out the key feature of this Norton alternative.


  • Provides reliable protection from all the malware for the device.
  • Speeds up the device, no slow loading issues.
  • Serves antispam specifications
  • Encrypts every internet traffic for better online protection
  • Contains network threat intelligence and protection
  • Incorporates web filtering technology to prevent any online attack


They have two premium plans. They are: Bitdefender Premium Security and Bitdefender Total Security. The first one can be used up to 10 devices, and the second one can be used up to 5 devices.

The first one costs $89.99/month, and the second one costs $44.99/month.

Norton vs Bitdefender

Bitdefender offers features like Priority Support, Device Optimizer, Parental Control that is not available in Norton.

And the VPN security, multi-layer Ransomware Protection are available in both of them. The price range is almost the same. So, now that’s your choice.

4# Avast

Avast is one of the top-rated antivirus software and mostly known for providing high security to the users. SELabs’s latest real-world test, it has been proved that Avast can protect almost 98% of malware exposures.

The rate is satisfactory, of course. Thousands of users have reviewed positively for it’s the durable and reliable protection for 24 hours.

Among the free service providers, I’ll keep avast on the top. It’s an open-plan much more reliable where the premium paid plans ensure high security.

Let’s see the key features and services they provide:


  • Comprehensive protection to your computer
  • A generous layer of safety for your device
  • Smart scanning process
  • Intelligent system to remove any suspicious site.
  • Cleans the browser automatically.
  • Automatic updates of any required software.
  • CyberCapture and smart scan service.
  • Passwords with high-security DNS.


The free plan is available, which performs much well. For better performance, you can buy the premium ones. There is a Pro plan which costs $89.99/ year, and another one costs $119.99/year. They both offer using up to 10 devices.

There are cheaper plans for the month also.

One tool for one month cost $3.99. 5 devices for one month costs $5.99. And one machine for the 1-year plan costs $59.99.The other project, ten tools for one year, costs $69.99.

Norton vs. Avast

The security features of avast are slightly superior, as the data security is more robust in avast. But both of them offer reliable and durable service.

If we compare in pricing, as a Norton alternative, avast is offering the cheapest rate. Even it’s a free plan available. So if you are looking for budget-friendly reliable antivirus software, avast is one of the best solutions.

5# Avg

The last one in the list is avg, another high scored malware protection software with ultimate fast service and lightweight. It can protect your devices from almost all kinds of cyber threats. So, thinking about the high rate? Like Avast, and Kaspersky, this one is also offering a free plan.

High security with an anti-theft system, camera trap, and app lock are its impressive features. File Server Security is also very convenient, while you can get Dat Safe also. Let’s see the critical elements of avg:


  • Scans your every email
  • Repairs every virus-infected files
  • Provides excellent file server security
  • Network antivirus protection system
  • Unique ransomware protection
  • That safety with app lock


I have mentioned before it has a free plan. And the four free programs are also available, and security protection is impressive. The offers some premium can also.

The pro plan starts from $39.99 ($69.99 after the first year). And if you use it for one computer, it costs $49.99 ($89.99 after the first year).

Norton vs Avg

Avg is so lightweight, it doesn’t slow down your computer, and you will get the first service. But in Norton’s case, if you have low RAM, it can slow down your system.

Another thing, Norton is not providing any free service, but if you use Avg, then it is providing free services, and the premium plan is not much costly. So as a budget-friendly solution, you can take Avg as a Norton alternative.

Wrapping up

Choosing the best antivirus software is confusing. Norton is highly secure and reliable, but the pricing may not match your budget. Also, a lower ram computer can be slow if you run Norton.

That’s why I’ve listed the most lightweight and budget-friendly software as Norton alternatives. The information I’ve mentioned may help you decide which software can be the best solution for you.

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