5 Best Powtoon Alternatives

In today’s world, communicating via videos are popular among people. Within one decade, videos have become a part of daily life.

Creating videos is not only a skill for professionals but also for everyone. Powtoon is a fantastic video making software for everyone.

With 53 million users, it is one of the most used software. You can create videos for HR, training, internal communication, marketing, education purpose.

But as it’s web-based, you may feel that it is inconvenient and slow sometimes. Also, the ethnic characters are not liked by all.

So I’ve made a list of 5 best powtoon alternatives. This list may help you to find the perfect software for your specific use.

Before diving into the details about them, I’m giving a short brief about powtoon.

What is Powtoon?

This software is an animation software that will let you create incredible videos or presentations using Animation.

It is now one of the most used cloud-based software, with 53 million users within just eight years. You can create videos with background music, imported photos, and other items. It’s easy to use, but a little bit costly.

It has three premium plans. First one, for the pro plan, You have to pay $19/ month. The pro+ version will cost $59/month. And the last one, the Agency plan, will cost $99/ month.

Why would you pay this amount if you get a better and cheaper one? The technology World is much competitive, so there’s always an alternative. Let’s check out the top 5 powtoon options, both free and paid.

Top 5 powtoon alternatives ( Free and paid)


So, Vyond is the first one on my list. Wonder why? Its features are straightforward for you to use. You can control its timeline very nicely and make customized videos.

Lip-syncing of animated characters will fascinate you. You can develop enthusiastic characters in your technique. Let’s see it’s featured in detail:


  • Animated video creating unique and customized characters. You can change all the aspects and make a video according to your motive.
  • It is adding background music, songs, or sounds. Imported music will help you to customize. Also, it offers auto lip-sync. That’s why the Animation looks so real.
  • Importing videos or images from Gallery is another feature. You can add your informative pictures to fulfill your purpose.
  • A vast amount of unique templates will blow your mind. Choose one, and use it!
  • You can create your custom character all your own.
  • We are updating the previous videos anytime.
  • There are affiliation appliances; you will like them.


They offer three plans. Vyond Essentials plan starts with 39$/ month. And the yearly cost is 299 dollars. The second plan is Vyond Premium, which costs $89/month and $649$ in a year. The last method is Vyond Professional, which will cost $159/month and $999 in a year.

Vyond vs Powtoon

Of course, you will get more animated characters in vyond. So you can make a better video. Powtoon offers ethnic names; all might not like that.

Powtoon is cheap. You have to pay more if you use vyond. But if you don’t want to compromise with service and features, go for vyond without any doubt.

02# Doodly

When the name Doodly comes, I automatically imagine cute videos, drawing something on board with a writing hand.

Yes, you can make such videos with doodly. It has incredible features, and it’s so easy to use and optimize. In a word, you can call it a whiteboard animation maker.

And it’s top in my list because it’s fantastic and easy for a beginner(even a school student can make a video with it). And it offers so many features like powtoon. But not everything is similar to powtoon.


  • There are so many custom images they offer that are available in their library. Their graphic design team makes so many compelling images that you can use.
  • You can use the background sound imported from your device. Also, they will offer you tracks so that you can use them too.
  • The video editing is very easy for beginners. I think video editing is quite a challenging task. But Doodly is much convenient for editing.
  • The board styling is Impressive. They will give you five types of boards Chalkboard, Glassboard, Greenboard, Whiteboard, Custom board.


Doodly offers two plans. Standard and enterprise. The standard one costs $39 /month and $240 in a year. And the enterprise plan costs $69/month and $480 in a year.

Doodly vs. Powtoon:

Doodly is one of the best powtoon alternatives. Because doodly is much easier to use, and it has unique features. Powtoon doesn’t offer a board system.

Powtoon is less costly. You have to pay more for doodly. But the difference in pricing is not so much. You can use doodly to make educational and professional videos.

03# Videoscribe

Like doodly software, it allows you to create whiteboard animations. By creating this nice whiteboard animation, you can present your various videos.

Best of all, it has a vast library that will impress you. It is effortless to use, and you can easily create an animated video speedily. With all the excellent features, Videoscribe will give you a superior user service. Let’s see what features it has to offer you.


  • It has a vast library. You can create your videos with them. Just select the video template of your choice from their extensive library and get to work.
  • You can put the audio of your choice in the background. Moreover, they will offer you some music that you will like.
  • Their support team will make it much easier for you. You can quickly get in touch with their support team.
  • Their interface is very user friendly, so it is straightforward to make videos very fast. This is a perfect choice if you want to make regular videos.
  • You can create customized animated characters. So now you don’t have to worry about what your name will look like.


It’s the yearly plan will cost $8/month, and $96 in a year. The monthly plan costs $17.50/month, and the quarterly plan will cost $35 in 3 months.

Videoscribe vs powtoon:

Videoscribe gives you whiteboard benefits that you won’t find in powtoon. Moreover, it has more opportunities to create customized characters.

And considering the price, you can get videoscribe at a little lower price. So you can grab videoscribe as a great powtoon alternative.

04# Renderforest

The great thing I love most about the Renderforest is creating high-quality explainer videos. Even you can do it a very short time without possessing any specialized mastery.

Their anazing feature is providing explainer video templates . So here you can utilize to forge animated explainers on any issue and any circumstance.

There are so many 3D and 2D templates to make a perfect animations. Even all those templates can build qualified product explainer videos.

Before beginning your video composition process, dig into the features of Renderforest.


  • Video Making with amazing Animation and also with the Collaboration Tools. Customizable Branding is possible with it. All you need to do is Drag & Drop.
  • You can create a Presentation. Also, you can show 3D Objects as well as Audio Content.
  • Video Editing is much more comfortable with it. Even it offers 3D Video Editing. The Brand Overlay is impressive.
  • Video Management is a unique tool that is not offered by others. With it, you can do Analytics, Bulk Uploading, etc.


You can enjoy it’s a free plan! It will offer you unlimited 360p videos with 200K+ templates and many other features. The lite package costs $6.99/month.

The ameture package costs $9.99/month.And there is a pro plan which costs $19.99/month. The last box is an agency package that costs $49.99/ month.

Renderforest vs Powtoon:

Powtoon doesn’t offer such excellent service, so free. But renderforest provides these unique features for free.

Powtoon is not an excellent choice to make 3D videos. But with Renderforest, you can make it. So I’ll keep renderforest first in this race.

05# Moovly

Moovly is an online application to generate incredible videos for commerce, reading up skillfully or information without being a professional.

Utilizing an assortment of uploaded images, short clips, script, and voice, as well as an archive of millions of items in different attitudes, you can build videos, download, or publish them on various media.

Moovly has a vigorous free version; also, there are pro subscriptions and perfect enterprise outcomes.


  • Create short videos with different types of unique features.
  • Add background audio and music from their vast library.
  • You can add many images imported from your device.
  • You can customize and edit all the characters and videos without any hazards.


It will offer you a free plan. The free program provides quite useful features. But for more, you can use the pro plan, which costs $49/ month and $99/year.

Moovly vs. Powtoon:

Moovly offers you a free plan. This open plan is not available in powtoon.  Powtoon is less user friendly. So, in this case, Moovly is one of the best powtoon alternatives.


Animated videos are attractive, catchy, and easy to understand. Some people say cartoons are for kids. But actually, animated videos always attract people of any age.

From education purposes to business purposes, we need to make such videos. So sometimes we look for free software, and sometimes we need better features.

Instead of Cloud-based software, people are more interested in getting an easier one. We want better service and features at a cheaper rate.

That’s why the powtoon alternatives list I’ve mentioned here is both free and paid, with exclusive features. I hope you guys can find out the software you need, according to the purpose of yours.

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