5 Best Prezi Alternatives

Hi there presentation geeks! Do you want to make some professional looking slides? But in a short time?

You’re in the right place. Presentation making should be fun and simple!

Prezi is an amazing app to use. But, it can however be a little difficult with its features. You know which ones. You’re then wondering about alternatives, right? I know! I wondered too about some best alternatives for a while.

You’re in luck. The best alternatives are here listed just for you. You’ll see the best 5 ones I picked out using all my years of experience making slides. And I have some years under my belt, alright.

These are just what you need in order to make your presentations more cooler and amazing. Hold on tight, it’ll be a fun one!

What is Prezi?

Let us try to see what Prezi actually is like before diving into its alternatives?

Prezi is a Hungarian presentation software company founded in 2009. For almost 11 years, they have been garnering more than 100 million users who created more than 325 million public presentations using their services. And these presentations have been viewed over 3.5 billion times!

How amazing is that, sounds like almost half the people on earth have seen it. So what is so popular about Prezi? It has a variety of templates. It is completely free if you want their basic features, but they charge you $7 per month for their standard features.

For its more advanced versions, the prices rack up. Their ‘expert presenters’, it has premium images and offline presentation mode ( which starts from $19 per month); and they also have a Premium mode, which adds analytics and other cool advanced training tools (this starts $59 per month).

So you can see the hype with Prezi. But the downside to them are a few. Which is why I’m recommending 5 best alternatives. First, the biggest disadvantage of Prezi is that sometimes your presentation can easily feel low quality and unstructured.

It has too much zooming and whirling around when making your slides. And when presenting, that effect continues. This area can get your audience to sense dizziness and a bit nauseousness, to be very honest.

However, they have a rating of 8.5/10 stars on trustradius.com. So you can use Prezi, however, know its cons. Now, if you’re still here, you want to keep reading for the alternatives.

5 Best Prezi Alternatives (Freee & Paid)

01# SlideBean

The first alternative I’m bringing to you is a fun and quirky one. Your slides will be loved instantly, trust me.

They are a pitch deck design platform for startups and small businesses. You can make stunning presentations and their tools help your slides look professional and up to the mark.


  • AI design
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Customizable templates
  • Export to PDF
  • Online collaboration
  • Presentation insights
  • Professional presentation reviews
  • Remove watermarks
  • Slide branding with your logo


So they are not that cheap, but also if you see the list of amazing features- you’re in for a treat. Their pricing starts at $96.00/year. Their pricingmodel is Subscription based.

They have a Free Trial option, and it is Available without a Credit Card. For the best looking slides in the room, download SlideBean to see their magic. Bank on me!

Prezi vs SlideBean

The difference here is the convenience and reliability of SlideBean. But Prezi does have a higher score. Mainly because it is a free application use for the mlst part. SlideBeN has been rated 4.2 stars on capterra.com and Prezi has 4.6.

But, unlike Prezi, SlideBean is very user friendly without difficult zooming motion to its slides. This is one aspect many users love about them.

02# Powtoon

Powtoon is another household favourite in animation and slide making. You can make your graphics anytime and anywhere. They are a British company in London and have been doing well for almost a decade. Their slides are well loved for its simplicity and fun.


  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Offline presenting
  • Zoom / Pan
  • Screen sharing
  • Communication management
  • Content management


Powtoon pro plan starts with $19/ month and $228 in a year. The other plan is Pro+ which costs $59$/month and $708 in a year. And the agency plan starts at $99/month and $1188 if billed annually.

Prezi vs Powtoon

Their main difference is Powtoon offers a lot more features. You can not just make slides, but animate them and also make animated videos and much more. So it sells more!

And also, they’re user friendly and has a score of 4.5 stars. For a slide making platform, those are some amazing features and good ratings. That’s super neat to be so well loved!

03# Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a famous name for slide making and doing amazing presentations to wow everyone. You can use them to ramp up 10x better quality slides with their presentation tools.

You have all great features of their services and great ratings all over the internet.


  • Export decks for editing
  • Printing beautiful handouts with your logo
  • Control privacy settings
  • Transform .pptx files into beautiful presentations
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  •  Screen share
  • Customizable templates
  • Video content


Their prices are very reasonable. It is planned like such, ‘Edu’ is at $5 per month, Pro is $10 and Volume is $100. That’s a super saving deal!

And for their price, you get easy and hassle free slides with professional slide making tools. This makes sure you get a bang for your buck, friend. Your slides will speak volumes of your hard work, everyone will be clapping for you. For sure!

Haiku Deck vs Prezi

Haiku Deck seems to be killing it. It’s easily an apt alternative for Prezi because of so many great reasons. Their ease of use is the top rated review.

Their capterra rating is 4.3 stars which means it is doing considerably well. And for its price, you can’t get a better deal. Haiku Deck is being loved by many. Some great features include their search engine for and embedding YouTube videos into the presentation. So cool!

And also, they provide more than 40M+ royalty free images. You can literally put anything you can think of on your slides!

While you’re at it, you can also export your amazing project and work with your other professional slides tools.

04# Google slides

Google slides have been around for a bit and is being raved about. They are easy and quick one stop shop for all things presentations. You can create and collaborate with others with your phone or other devices. And their features are also some good ones to look out for.


  • Good ability to format text
  • Add images to the ability to use layouts and themes
  • Get add-ons
  • Create or import files
  • Add content to your presentation
  • Share and collaborate on files or share files with large groups of people
  • Print and download files
  • Start a video meeting and send messages


So, their pricing is one of the most decent I have seen so far. Google Slides pricing starts at a great seal of $6.00 per month, per user! That’s super accountable of them. And also, they have a free version.

Google Slides offers a free trial as well, so you have a good alternative right here. That’s a super convenience deal right here to make your slide making easy and fun too!

Google slides vs Prezi

Alright, so these two competitors have the same score. 4.6 stars which means they are liked similarly. It is a tough call here. But Prezi is sometimes a bit too confusing and advanced for new users.

But Google slides are not. They are quite basic in their features. Best reviews say they provide presentation solutions for all enterprises. This helps manage presentations with a flare of features like themes, cool fonts, quick embedded video, and nice animations.

05# SlideDog

They are an easy to use presentation software that makes your slides seamless and amazing to look at. You can switch between presentation files, interact with your audience and be such a pro at presenting! You can make professional slides as well as any other kind.


  • Drag and drop
  • Multi screen support
  • It allows presenters to remote control
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Windows supported


Their pricing is $99.00 per year, per user. This is a decent rate. There is also a free version with lesser features. SlideDog offers a free trial as well.

For their features, it seems a bit too expensive. However, still worth the try for their easy to use interface and seamless slide making. Trust me, they will help you make your slides come alive and presentation seem the best in the room.

SlideDog vs Prezi

Alright, the major difference here is the zooming and technical bit again. Prezi is too fancy in some ways which SlideDog isn’t. And that’s an advantage! People say good things about them including how smooth they are to use and how wonderful it is to connect different types of files. With Prezi, you may get moments where it may hang or stop.

People rate it 4.0/5 which means they need some more work to better suit their users. But it is simple and reliable!


And you have the best 5 alternatives to Prezi right here laid out. I made this just for you so you don’t have to scram the internet for your answers. Not anymore.

This review has all the information you need to know about the alternatives. An overview, their features, pricing and comparisons. That’s a good deal of stuff to talk about.

Go get yourself the alternative to Prezi and start making stunning slides with ease and comfort!

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