6 Best Shutterstock Alternatives

High-Quality images, videos and other contents are significant in every sphere.

But randomly, a photographer or seller doesn’t get target clients. In the same way, it is hard to find relatable high-quality pictures to use.

Platforms like Shutterstock are performing as the service provider, both for content creator and consumer.

But the price of the images is often unsatisfying. You may look for a more affordable or free similar platform. So, you may need an alternative to Shutterstock.

I’ve listed the top 6 Shutterstock alternatives, both free and paid. But first, have a quick look at the Shutterstock overview.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a high-quality image, videos and music provider platform that works globally. This marketplace is basically two-sided. Both content creator and consumer can join here. You can enter to sell your content, or buy any.

Shutterstock offers 3 subscriptions named. They are “on demand”( costs $49-$229), subscriptions ($29-$199) and Team Subscriptions($379-$579).

The subscription pricing is much costly. So a beginner entrepreneur may not want to make a dent in the wallet. Also, the rate of the content creator is not satisfying; it takes much time to grow. So, check out my list, watch out for similar or better service providers, even at a lower rate.

6 Best Shutterstock Alternatives

I have made this list according to the best user reviews. I hope this list will make you find the best alternative to Shutterstock.

1# Adobe stock Image

Adobe stop is one of the most significant image stocks with millions of images. By subscribing, you can get access to millions of high-quality photos, videos and other things that will blow your mind.

Moreover, the quality and the collection of images are excellent.

Not only that, you can get royalty-free images and words in there. This platform is also best for the content creators because as a content maker, you can grow faster here. And as a Shutterstock alternative, it’s more affordable.

Let’s see the features you will get.


  • High-Quality Images and Videos
  • royalty-free photos
  • Illustrations
  • Vector graphics
  • 3D assets
  • Template for creative works


It offers four plans. First one starts at only $19/month. The second one costs $47/ month. The third one costs $ 99/month. And the last one costs $119/ month.

Shutterstock vs adobe stock

As a budget-friendly and more affordable solution, you can choose Adobe stock. Adobe stock will offer you more images at a lower price, and the quality is almost the same or better.

I feel the Adobe stock collection is better than Shutterstock. So Adobe stock is the winner.

2# Pixabay

With one billion-plus uses, pixabay is one of the top-rated software that you can choose. The collection is outstanding, and the images, videos, illustrations and other items are high quality and Relatable drawing or painting can be easily found whenever you want.

Whether adobe stock or Shutterstock is much costly, pixabay is here for you. The best thing I like about it is it’s completely free. Pixabay offers millions of free photos, videos, illustrations( the latest amount is 1.8 million!).

However, you can’t use any content without asking the permission of the owner. Some people may be confused about security. Don’t worry, and it’s safe to use.

Let’s see its features:


  • Fast, user friendly
  • Easy management
  • Connect with others
  • Like, favourite options
  • Direct download
  • Unlimited free usage
  • High-quality image, videos


That’s completely free! Download images as much as you want. You can give credit to the content creator( not mandatory, but it is appreciated).

Shutterstock vs Pixabay

First of all, you can get everything like Shutterstock in Pixabay. And then you can get all of them for free. So if you have not enough budget for images, go for pixabay.

Shutterstock is faster and user friendly. But Pixaba is a good competitor in the race.

3# Deposit Photos

Here you can get one of the most significant collections, and that is 170 million images! From this massive amount of photos, videos and other contents, you can quickly show the perfect one. The price range is also loved.

You can get only 22 seconds full stop, and also there are so many plans according to your budget. You can choose any of them. The picture quality is high, and the interface is much user-friendly.

Let’s see what features they are providing.


  • Get high-quality photos
  • Get 3D graphics and vectors
  • High-quality videos
  • It’s safe and trustworthy
  • Royalty-free


The subscription price rate is much higher than other Shutterstock alternatives. You can buy ten images in 99 dollars, 75 doubles in 699 dollars, 150 illustrations in 999 dollars and 750 snaps in 1999 dollars.

Shutterstock vs DepositPhotos

The decision-maker can be the amount of the image collection. The collection of deposit photos is much higher than any other similar platform. You can choose from 170 million photos! So there are so many options!

The price range is almost the same in both of them. So, the rest is your decision! Choice according to your need.

4# Pexels

With this fantastic software, you can get the new photography Trends, Photos videos everything you want. You can search for any topic that you are looking for.

You can use the photos for commercial use, and there is no attribution required. The Sharing option is also much more comfortable.

You can follow the renowned photographers and get their outstanding works. And all these things you can get entirely free And their solution is decent.

The videos and the photos are very high quality. Just chose one like this and I like this. You can upload your own photography too.

Let’s see its features:


  • Discover new trends
  • Follow famous photographers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy download process
  • No attribution required
  • Share photos easily
  • Easy searching system


You don’t have to pay money to get these fantastic photos and videos. You can get all of them for free.

Shutterstock vs Pexels

The collection of pixels are limited, and you cannot get all the things that are offered by Shutterstock. So if you are looking for high-quality graphics vectors and other things, then you can go for Shutterstock.

But if you are simply looking for Amazon photos in the and pixels can be your best choice. And you know pixels are utterly free whether you have to pay a lot for Shutterstock.

5# Getty

If you are looking for the most unique exclusive and best photos, videos and other content, then Getty can be your best choice.

They are providing indemnification for years. The company is one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Even they have a vast stock of archival photos.

As they are providing unique ideas of images, you have to pay a little bit more than other platforms I have mentioned here. On this platform, you can connect with famous photographers.

Let’s see its features:


  • 13,787,418 photos
  • Premium quality
  • Unique photos
  • Different eye catchy ideas
  • Indemnification
  • User friendly


They are offering free plants for small medium and large images. For large-sized images ,,it will cost $425 to $499. The medium-sized image price range starts from $240 to $300. And the small size photos cost $110-$125.

Shutterstock vs Getty

If you compare with the quality of features of this job platform, then I suggest you get. Their collection is excellent and very unique. But the price range is much higher. And they are less affordable than Shutterstock.

So if you are not worried about your budget and you are looking for the best quality photos, then you should choose one from getting. But if you are looking for more affordable ones then you can go for the other options, I have mentioned here.

6# Unsplash

This one is one of the best free shutter stock alternatives. It is instrumental, and the interface is user-friendly. You can get it in the Play Store for Android also.

You can get high-quality photos of images and other content in this platform. Similar to Shutterstock I like this platform because they have a vast collection and that is entirely free.

Let’s see its features.


  • Latest photography
  • Commercial photos
  • High-quality videos
  • Connect with photographers
  • Easy downloading process


Don’t worry about pricing because it is entirely free.

Shutterstock vs Unsplash

Unsplash has less content than Shutterstock. Shutterstock offers vectors, illustrations and other unique music, videos etc. But Unsplash has not that many resources.

But Shutterstock is much more costly. In case of getting the free good quality picture, Unsplash can be your best choice.


High-quality content is much useful for commercial and other purposes. But, the choice of people varies because of the budget and preference.

Shutterstock is a good platform, but it may seem costly, or you may look for better collections. So, I’ve listed the best Shutterstock alternatives that are affordable. Also, the collection of images is impressive.

I hope this article can help you to choose one, according to your desire.

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