5 Best UptimeRobot Alternatives

I think you’ll agree with me on this – it is competitive times. In this fast paced world, if you want your website to perform well, your uptime is important. To all those wondering, uptime is the amount of time over a given period that a website is available to users.

So, if you are a website provider, it is important that you keep track of your uptime.

Before you start worrying:

It’s very simple to keep track of your website’s uptime.

There are various options that can help you monitor your website’s uptime.

My job here is simply to help you figure out the best option for you. So, if you stick till the end

What is UptimeRobot?

UptimeRobot is one of the leading Website Uptime Monitoring Services. It helps you check and keep track of the amount of time your website was live or available. You can manage and see the uptime of multiple websites at a time if you use this service.

UptimeRobot has around 800,000 clients and over 4,500,000 monitors! It is a free service that will monitor each of your website every five minutes. If any of your website in unavailable or down, it will alert you immediately.

Its other subscriptions are however not free, but they come with added benefits. UptimeRobot mainly covers the following protocols for monitoring:

  • http(s): it acts like a user to check if your website is available every 5 minutes.
  • Keyword: checks the existence of a keyword on the site.
  • Ping: sends ping requests to see if a response is received or not.
  • Post: some services like dns, pop smtp run through a specific port and UptimeRobot decides their statuses according to the response.

Advance users get much more advanced features for a better experience.

Yes, it sounds great! But sometimes, UptimeRobot can fail to meet all your needs. Not to mention, there are several better alternatives to it. So if you are interested, I have listed down 5 alternatives to UptimeRobot.

5 Best UptimeRobot Alternative (Free and Paid)

To your benefit, I offer my research to help you find the best UptimeRobot alternatives. The following list has a wide range of specifications, prices and services. Give it a read!

01# Uptime.com

Uptime.com is an uptime monitoring service that claims to be easy. It not only monitors the downtime, but also provides you with relevant analytics. This will help you quickly fix any issue that might be hampering your uptime.

You can have a 21 days free trial to begin with, without needing any credit card.

Uptime.com is a very user friendly solution. And I am saying this because there are so many reasons to pick Uptime.com. Uptime.com is a great UptimeRobot alternative and I will tell you why!


  • Customizable notifications
  • Test everywhere, unlimited
  • Always available
  • Application monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Plan capacity


Like mentioned before, it offers 21 days free trial without a credit card. After that, the prices start from $8 a month and with annual subscription you can receive a 20% discount!

UptimeRobot vs Uptime.com

Uptime.com does a minute-by-minute check even during its free trial whereas the free trial of UptimeRobot does a check every five minutes. This means that you will receive an alert faster if something is wrong, compared to UptimeRobot.

UptimeRobot includes key features like http(s), ping and keyword check. But Uptime.com offers free tools like domain health, speed test and global uptime.

Uptime.com also offers Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and IT alerting. UptimeRobot lacks such unique services. Most reviewers say that compared to UptimeRobot, Uptimer has better support.

Although it is similar to UptimeRobot, Uptime.com has 4.2 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot!

02# Statuscake.com

Statuscake.com is another website monitoring solution that will give UptimeRobot a run for its money! It is very similar to UptimeRobot in what it does, but let me break it down for you.

Statuscake.com claims to be an easy tool to monitor website uptime, which is also quick to set up. It offers you rapid alerts if your website goes down.

On top of that, Statuscake.com is very handy. It gives you valuable insights that can help you fix any issue with your website. So, you can keep track of your uptime and also make your website perform better.

Statuscake.com has over 100,000 users that include hotshots like Microsoft, Netflix, Go Daddy etc. It also supports http(s), dns, ping, SMTP and more! It offers a 7 days free trial for you to test its efficiency, without a credit card.


  • Uptime monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Domain monitoring
  • Page speed monitoring
  • SSL monitoring
  • Global test locations & reporting


After your free trial is over, you can subscribe to its Superior package for $24.49 per month (currently $20.41 on discount). For your more industrial needs Statuscake.com offers its Business services for $79.99 per month (currently $66.66 on discount).

All packages are available for trial.

Statuscake.com vs UptimeRobot

By now you know that Statuscake.com is one of the really good alternatives to UptimeRobot. Here is a recap:

It covers more protocols than UptimeRobot does, like HEAD, PUSH etc.

The virus check can be extremely helpful.

Most users like how friendlier it is compared to UptimeRobot.

The only con of Statuscake is that it does not do domain check as frequently as UptimeRobot. 4.8 stars out of 5 on G2!

03# site24x7.com

Another amazing UptimeRobot alternative on the list is site24x7.com- a service provided by Zoho. Site24x7 monitors website availability, and makes the end user experience better. It claims to be an all-in-one solution for website monitoring purposes.

Site24x7 has over 10, 000 customer base that includes NASA, Ford, gettyimages and more.

Site24x7’s services consist of website monitoring, virtual servers, on-premises servers, network applications and devices, etc. To add to that, you also get:

– Invaluable insights produce by AI.
– In depth reports on performance.

Besides monitoring website uptime, site24x7 additionally checks Rest API and DNS servers. It also keeps track of synthetic transactions and user activity. By doing so, the end user experience is made better!

Site24x7 is available to resources on-premises and private or public cloud hosted servers.


  • Website monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Log management
  • Network monitoring
  • Real user monitoring


Site24x7 provides you with 4 different packages to suit your needs.
The Starter pack is now $9 per month. The Pro pack is currently $35 a month and the Classic pack is now $89 per month. The Enterprise pack starts at $225 per month. All these packs can be paid for annually.

Site24x7 vs UptimeRobot:

Site24x7 is a fantastic UptimeRobot alternative. They offers some unique options like IT Process Automation, Log Analysis, Cloud Cost Management and more. Compared to UptimeRobot, Site24x7 gives you a more detailed report on website performance.

Surely, UptimeRobot is a much cheaper option for website monitoring. But Site24x7 is rated 8.4/10 on TrustRadius!

04# Pingdom Uptime Monitoring

And next to our list of alternatives to UptimeRobot is Pingdom Uptime Monitoring by SolarWinds! It provides monitoring services for websites, servers and applications. It is a global uptime monitoring service provider with around 100+ servers worldwide.

Pingdom has a great client base that includes prominent entities. To name a few- Netflix, Amazon, Slack, Spotify, Refinery 29, etc.

Pingdom claims that it is more than just uptime monitoring. Why? Because with Pingdom you can also:

  • Check the load performance of your website or server.
  • See how virtual visitors experience your website.
  • Monitor and ensure that all transactions on the website run smoothly.

All these make Pingdom one of the best alternatives to UptimeRobot. They also make it a platform with many solutions! It has two categories of solutions:

  • Solutions by Industry: which covers web development, media and entertainment, e-commerce and retail and enterprise.
  • Solutions by Challenge: which entails marketing, digital experience monitoring and web performance optimization.

Sounds great, does it not? But let me review it for you in more details.


  • Page speed monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Instant alerts
  • Multiple test locations
  • Real user monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Root cause analysis


For the first 14 days you can enjoy a free trial session. After that you can either settle for Synthetic Monitoring or Real User Monitoring. Both services start at $10 per month.

You can mix and match the services to suit your needs the best!

Pingdom vs UptimeRobot

Pingdom and UptimeRobot are both very reasonable and affordable options. But Pingdom users claim that it is more user friendly. UptimeRobot does not provide as many key features as Pingdom does.

UptimeRobot is cheaper than Pingdom, which means it has certain limitations. So compared to UptimeRobot, Pingdom is more efficient, cost effective and is a better platform. It is rated 8.3/10 on TrustRadius!

05# Uptrends.com

Last but not the least, Uptrends.com is another great UptimeRobot alternative. It monitor’s website uptime and also claims to optimize it. Since it started its journey in 2007, it has been a reliable platform with offices in Germany, France United States and Netherlands.

Uptrends is one of the popular monitoring services that also monitors website and application performance. It has over 222 monitoring locations globally. It performs about 44 billion checks per day and catches 175 thousand errors daily.

Uptrends.com has a client base of 30,000 including SpaceX, Vimeo, Microsoft, bitly and more!

Uptrends also offers free tools like speed test, ping test, free website monitoring, finding IP address, etc. It functions just like you expect an uptime monitor to. It is quite similar to UptimeRobot, but I will give you a more detailed idea.


  • Multi browser monitoring and alerting
  • Concurrent monitoring
  • Private checkpoints
  • Monitoring checkpoints
  • Transaction recorder
  • Free tools that include HTTP Response Header Check, DNS Report etc.


You can enjoy a 30 days free trial and 20% off on your first invoice.

You can choose either yearly billing or monthly billing. In case of yearly billing, you save more each month. For monthly billing, the Starter pack is now $12.02 per month.

Premium and Professional services are now $35.52 and $168.27 per month respectively. These are all basic website monitoring services. The advanced website monitoring services includes Business, which starts at $28.79 a month.

The other one is Enterprise which starts at $52.08 per month.

Uptrends vs UptimeRobot

As you can see, Uptrends is definitely one of the best alternatives to UptimeRobot. But Uptrends has different service packs which makes it a better option. Besides, some of the free tools that Uptrends provide already do as great of a job as UptimeRobot.

However, in terms of website status monitoring most people choose UptimeRobot. Most reviewers agree that compared to UptimeRobot, Uptrends is better at meeting requirements and is more usable!

It is also rated 8/10 on TrustRadius!

Why do you need an Alternative to UptimeRobot?

Valid question! Let’s get this straight:

Even though UptimeRobot is a great service, it has its limitations.

It can be a cheap option for many, but it lacks some advanced features like the UptimeRobot alternatives that I have listed above. To summarize my previous points:

It monitors and sends an alert every five minutes in its free trial. That is not good enough if you have a more industrial need. Other alternatives can do a minute-by-minute check even on free trial.

If you are a global company, then a few seconds of downtime may cost you hundreds of users!

Also, user interface matters. You may find UptimeRobot to be complicated, so you should have the option to have a much user friendly experience!

Most importantly, alternatives to UptimeRobot can give you access to free tools that will definitely come in handy. So why not try?

What to Consider Before using Uptime Monitoring tools?

Hmm. Now that you know some of the best alternatives to UptimeRobot, you have enough information to choose one. But still, let me jot down a few things you should consider to make the final decision:

  • Experience: Make sure to pick the service that has spent more years on the market. Longer years with great reputation is the perfect combo!
  • Server Location: A good uptime monitor should have various servers located in multiple locations. The above list checks that!
  • Check Frequency: The more frequent the checks are, the better!
  • Assess your Needs: All the above services are great, but assess your local/global needs to pick the best one!


I hope if you were looking for an UptimeRobot alternative, you have found it after reading this article! There is no compromise when it comes to business, and so your website should function accordingly.

All the UptimeRobot alternatives listed here should serve that purpose.

Choose the best UptimeRobot alternative for you, track its uptime, fix errors and have your website run smoothly!

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