3 Best Videoscribe Alternatives

Hello there, video editors! I may know why you are here. You’re wondering what alternatives there are to Videoscribe? Yes?

If that is the case, I have got you covered. I did the heavy lifting for you! The best alternatives to Videoscribe is here for you to see.

In this review, you’ll get the run down on some of the hottest and user friendlier alternatives you can find for Videoscribe. The features will pleasantly surprise you with how similar they are and at a better price.

What are we waiting for? Get your notepads and a cup of tea ready. Let’s get into this, shall we?

Why do you need Videoscribe Alternatives?

Videoscribe is a good and well known video making platform. You can make almost any video with ease and at a reasonable price. Well, then the question is real. Why do you need an alternative?

Let me tell you a few reasons why.

  • Pricing: There are alternatives to Videoscribe which have a lower price point. It is lower and is more feasible for you. I am not a fan of paying huge prices for video making. Especially if you are a videographer or student in the making of being one. What’s the point in using up so much of your money with a yearly or monthly plan?
  • Features: some features are actually a bit outdated. Many reviews have said so. There are some lacking basic audio editors on Videoscribe. And also their PNG rendering seems to always be under heavy compression. Their vector rendering could also use some updating to make it more user friendly.

Now, what I told you there are alternatives to Videoscribe which do all these functions and at a better price point? I know, that’d be quite a catch. So, I’ll tell you the best ones out there.

3 Best Videoscribe Alternatives

01 # Animatron Studio

Animatron Studio is a value priced video editing app. It is a powerful and online HTML5 animation app which makes stunning visuals. They can be used for animation and video making.

It is cloud based, so everything is saved and easy to function.It uses a safe HTML5 technology. It’s made so user friendly that normal people with no background in editing feel at home.

Animatron is also good for basic editing of videos which you can make in a short time. The easy to use interface makes editing a super fun and explorative journey! They have positive reviews on countless websites.


  • Web based, Cloud, SaaS
  • Supports Webinars
  • High quality images and videos
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Video management is great


The pricing is very good. It starts at $15 a month per user. It has a free trial option for users. And you get 50% if you pay annually. It’s a value saving app which will save you a lot of stress!

Videoscribe vs Animatron Studio

Off the bat- let’s talk pricing. Videoscribe starts $29 a month and Animatron starts at $15. It gets a 4.4 out of 5 stars over all. For features, you get similar features. All importing and exporting, video management features seem to be quite similar. So, you’re not losing much. But, you can work online and support your video making whether that’s a passion or a job with Animatron Studio at a good price!

2# Quik

Quik is a web based video and animation software that allows users to create amazing animations. It is easy to use and very friendly to beginners. Whether you’re a professional or a mobile content creator, you’ll get the best use out of this app.

Quik has been a top favourite and recommended app. You can trust them with their features and they deliver to their abilities too. Countless happy users have written positive reviews on them.


  • Editor for videos, photos and music clips
  • GoPro compatible
  • User friendly
  • Compatible for iOs, android devices
  • Customizable videos
  •  Saves high quality videos


Quik is on the market for only $9.99 per month. You’re hearing that right! It also gives you a good deal for so many great features. It also directly gets your content from GoPro, hassle free.

You’re paying for a very reasonable experience over all.

Videoscribe vs Quik

Videoscribe is priced a lot higher than Quik. Quik seems to be doing a lot of the similar features of Videoscribe. On google play store, Quik gets a 4.7 out of 5 score which is great. For beginners, it’s also a great option because you don’t have to do a lot of learning to figure the system out. Whether you are using it as a professional or not, Quik is user friendly which Videoscribe may not always be.

3# Moovly

Moovly is a video editing software. It is user friendly and easy to use. It has explainer videos and provides cloud based platforms that enables users to create and generate videos.

Moovly was founded in 2012 in Belgium and has seen success ever since. Moovly is an app which is top rated for easy to use video editing. It is mainly used for motion graphics, video content and animations of pictures.

Reviews have said Moovly is well loved by users who make videos.


  • Animation.
  • Chroma keying.
  • Digital signage.
  • Customizable branding.
  • Cloud based.
  • Screen recording.
  • Group and user management.


The pricing on Moovly starts from $25 if billed annually. That may not be as cheap as the other alternatives, but is cheaper than Videoscribe. Also, it has free trial and that too without credit card information.

They have special plans for educational uses too! That’s a great deal.

Videoscribe vs Moovly

Alright, Videoscribe and Moovly aren’t too different. Their ratings are quite similar. But a few great things about Moovly is it is priced lower, and also is super user friendly. It’s fit for absolutely beginners and also had a lower pricing for educational uses. It has a 4.2 rating on Capterra but Videoscribe has 4.3. But that doesn’t automatically make Moovly a bad app. Moovly has some value priced, easy to learn features.

What to Look out for when Getting a Video Editing App?

The first few things you should look out for are these factors. Not all apps will be great. In fact there may be some which you can never get around using. They’ll end up in your annually ‘delete off of your phone’ spree.

So, let’s see what you should look out for in terms of a good video editing tool.

  • Features: Features are a no brainer type factor. You have to see whether the app is compatible with your device, is it online or offline, what are some of the great qualities they promise to have. You can search up how well they import and export and also what kind of tools it has in built. This allows for a great experience making videos!
  • Pricing: Pricing is a must. You have to have the right app with a good price point. The best ones in the market are also very cheap. If you pay annually, usually the pricing is somewhat cheaper. So, look out for the best prices out there. Unless you are sure you want to invest in an expensive editing app, I’d advise getting a cheaper alternative to get your job done.
  • Rating: Look out for the ratings! What people say about the app is a lot. You need to be sure what you’re getting yourself into. Especially look at some of the top rating websites. A good 4.2 and above out of 5 is a stellar rating. Anything above that is amazing too. Also look out for the comments section to see what customers have said about it. You’ll save a lot of time and energy! Believe me.


Finally, you have the best alternatives to Videoscribe here in this review. I picked out the best in the market right now which are very user friendly.

These will make your video making go by smoothly and easily. No time wasting and making bad videos! Does not matter if you are a professional or just a part time Youtuber.

The best apps should give you the best experience using them. Get to editing, you creative video-maker! Let’s get your next video the best you’ve ever made.

I’m excited to see which one you use out of this list. Happy editing, and thanks!


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